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Byakudan Mysore Sandalwood Granules - 10g

Discover the exquisite essence of Byakudan sandalwood, the heartwood of the legendary Mysore sandalwood tree, renowned for producing the most enchanting fragrance known to sandalwood. This premium grade, often called "Old Mountain" sandalwood in Japan, represents the pinnacle of aromatic excellence.

In an era where Mysore sandalwood has become a rarity, Byakudan is a treasure, accessible only to the most reputable and distinguished incense companies. Shoyeido, a name synonymous with quality, offers this rare gem in various forms: square-cut chips, finely cut chips, and granules, each designed to enhance your sensory experience.

Byakudan sandalwood is not just incense; it is an integral part of cultural ceremonies like Koh-doh and the revered tea ceremony, as well as a cherished companion for meditation. Its rich, creamy sweetness is more than a scent – it is a journey to tranquillity, a promise of serenity that will bring a smile to your face. Embrace the rare opportunity to experience this luxurious aroma, a true gift from nature's bounty.