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Byakudan Mysore Sandalwood chips square 10g

Discover the aromatic essence of Byakudan sandalwood, the 'Heart of Mysore' – a sandalwood variety that sets the gold standard in fragrances. This is not just any sandalwood; it's the highest grade available, revered as "Old Mountain" sandalwood in Japan, a tribute to its ageless, mystical appeal.

However, like all precious things, it's becoming rare. The dwindling availability of Mysore sandalwood has thrust Byakudan into the realm of the extraordinary, making it an exclusive possession of only the largest and most credible incense companies. We are proud to present Shoyeido's Byakudan sandalwood, meticulously crafted into square-cut chips, finely-chopped bits, and granules, each carrying the promise of an unforgettable olfactory journey.

Be it a traditional Koh-doh ceremony, an elegant tea gathering, or a tranquil meditation session, the Byakudan sandalwood creates an inviting atmosphere. Its rich, creamy sweetness weaves an aura of serenity, delighting the senses and coaxing forth smiles of pure contentment.

Let the soothing warmth of pure santalum embrace you as you explore the Shoyeido 10g packet of raw sandalwood chips.

When gently caressed by the heat of charcoal or warmed up in one of our unique wood chip heaters, each lovingly hand-cut sandalwood chip releases a cloud of heavenly earthy perfume. The experience is nothing short of sublime, a gift to yourself and your senses.