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Bold Wood - 100% Wild Agarwood Oud Oil from Sarawak

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Embark on a Sensory Journey with Bold Wood Oud Oil

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Sarawak jungle, a lush paradise on the island of Borneo, where the rare Aquilaria Malaccensis thrives amidst a symphony of wildlife. Here, our dedicated distillers, guided by the wisdom of local tribal hunters, carefully select resinous Agarwood, the soul of our Bold Wood Oud oil.

Experience a fragrance that transcends the ordinary. Bold Wood is not just an Oud oil; it's a testament to unwavering quality and a tribute to masculinity. Each drop encapsulates the essence of Sarawak's dense rainforests, offering a robust yet refined scent, potent yet pleasing scent. The spicy, woody, musky notes, free from any barnyard undertones, evoke a sense of strength and resilience.

What sets our Bold Wood Oud oil apart is its purity and intensity. We use only the finest wood chips, some of which are so enriched with resin that they sink, a rare phenomenon indicating an exceptionally aromatic profile. Our meticulous distillation process, capped at 48 hours, ensures that each bottle contains the unadulterated essence of Agarwood, delivering a long-lasting and deeply invigorating fragrance.

Discover the Essence of Boldness. Try Bold Wood Oud Oil Today.