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SOLD-Necklace- Blue Porcelain Lariat Agarwood gemstone

To customers who love oriental porcelain, this is the necklace for you. It was one day when looking at my green porcelain tea set, i had the thought that it would be wonderful if those beautiful drawing porcelain tea cups can be made into miniature beads, i would love to wear one. The next day going out in town, i saw these beads. It came in many colors with detailed drawings, quiet heavy to wear the whole necklace with only porcelain beads unless you were trying to do some neck exercise, i would not recommend it. Among the beautiful beads, i decided to stick to blue porcelain, why? Because it looked like traditional oriental tea set in my childhood memory. Mixing up with some Lapis Lazuli gemstones, Vietnam Agarwood beads and some mini Aquamarine gemstones, all blended in really well and created a casual look. 

This necklace can be  worn with blouses and jeans, casual and beautiful. :)