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Blessing Aura- An Extraordinary Bakhoor incense + FREE Mica Plate


Bakhoor is a type of incense made from natural ingredients like wood chips, resins, and essential oils. It is used in religious and spiritual ceremonies in many cultures. The smoke from burning bakhoor is believed to purify the mind and body.

I am here to talk about our bakhoor. But before I do, let me say this: this is not the ordinary daily bakhour you can find on the market.

Now, I know what you might be thinking... people have been burning bakhoor for centuries; how could our bakhoor be any different?

Well, the answer is simple.

Introduce: The Blessing Aura

Blessing Aura is unique because it contains 4 ingredients that God loves (mentioned in the Bible, Qu'ran, Veda, and Buddhist Scripture)





In addition, to make our bakhoor incense more aromatic, we add our secret blend with Rose Geranium, Vanilla, a tiny hint of frangipani and Ambergris.

Blessing Aura smells sweet and woodsy. The sandalwood, myrrh, and frankincense give it a deep, grounding smell, while the rose geranium, vanilla, and frangipani make it light and floral. Ambergris holds all ingredients well together and makes them last. It is a comforting, soothing scent that's perfect for meditation or prayer.

So if you love incense and essential oil, then this bakhoor is for you.

Is this bakhoor toxic?

People have been using bakhoors for centuries in religious and spiritual ceremonies. It's known for its ability to purify and cleanse negative energy. But nowadays, So many people think that burning bakhoor is toxic. And they may be right because these bakhoors are made with unknown synthetic ingredients.

I am not against using synthetic because synthetic has value in our daily lives.

However, I guess you burn incense (or bakhoor) because

  • You pray Allah
  • You offer to Buddha and the Sangha
  • You pray to the Lords, Gods and Deities
  • Or you want to feel spiritually connected with the nature

You see, if you use synthetic incense to pray, would you feel the same with a natural-made one?

Why not use incense (or bakhoor) that honours nature?

You will also have good deeds and Karma by doing so.

Let me explain.

First, you will feel better, not only because you are using the real thing, but also to help farmers like us to grow what we grow to continue the tradition.

The result: You will experience a sense of pleasure and appreciation for natural incense. Here are some extra benefits of the Blessing Aura, thanks to our extraordinary ingredients

  • According to Ashtaanga Hridaya (a treatise on Indian Ayurvedic medicine traditional written by Vagbhata in the 7th century CE), Agarwood incense provides relief for hiccoughs and asthma (Khare 2004, the Founder President Society for New Age Herbals)
  • Sandalwood is an insect repellant, especially for mosquitoes. People have been enjoying sandalwood incense since ancient times. This creamy woody fragrance smells excellent at room temperature and smells even more remarkable when you burn it.
  • Two well-known incenses, frankincense and myrrh, are among the most widely used and employed in numerous spiritual traditions. Frankincense and myrrh are also considered complementary fragrances and are often burned together.
  • The belief is that frankincense is for males and myrrh for females. Myrrh's scent is earthy, warm, and spicy like a balsamic, while frankincense has a lighter citrus-balsamic smell. These two oils are the yin and yang of aromatherapy.

The aroma calms and relaxes you when you are undergoing stress.

No more sharp smell

Why do you feel a pungent, sharp smell when burning ordinary bakhoor?

Ordinary bakhoor could smell too sharp. One of the main reasons is oversoaking and burning at high temperatures.

When the wood chips and resins are oversoaked in the fragrance oils, they become incredibly smoky when burnt at high temperatures. Especially when the bakhoor comes into contact with burning charcoal, the burnt notes could send your brain on fire instead of relaxing you.

That is why you feel overwhelmed. The sharp burnt notes cause you a headache.

Most bakhoor makers will use post-distilled wood (including sandalwood and agarwood). 

Post-distilled wood  (sometimes called as spent-wood) is the wood left after the distillers extract the resin out of them, turning them into essential oil. It means there is little "juice" left in the wood. When you burn this wood, the smell is boring. However, they are cheap, so many manufacturers use them to make Bakhoor.

 At Grandawood, we use original agarwood from our Vietnamese plantation and sandalwood from Western Australia. You will feel joyful when you burn these wood chips at the right temperature.

No excess oil

We created the Blessing Aura, so it smells just right by adding enough Rose Geranium essential oil. If you use your hand to touch our Blessing Aura Bakhoor powder, you will feel moist instead of wet. The amount of essential oil is just right. So without excess oil, we are one step further to minimise burnt notes.

Free Mica plate

As mentioned above, high temperature is one of the reasons you experience burnt notes. That is why we will include a FREE Mica plate for you - a tool to help you have a better experience in burning incense.

Put this mica plate on top of your charcoal you will notice your bakhoor smell smoother, and the smoke is less.

We want you to feel happy and enjoy this bakhoor as much as we do.

Optional: the Ultimate way to enjoy the Blessing Aura

We are obsessed with getting the best way to enjoy incense, so we would like to suggest this option.

Charcoal is excellent, but one disadvantage is that you cannot set the desired temperature.

Most quality fragrant wood and resin can be enjoyed at around 60 to 200 degrees Celcius. With burning charcoal, the temperature could be way above 400 degrees Celcius. At this temperature, you will smell burnt notes the unpleasant experience of heating incense.

A mica plate will significantly reduce this, and this degree will even be lower if you put rice ash (or oak ash) on top of the charcoal. But it takes time to prepare

This is when the battery-powered incense heater Kodutu comes in handy.

With this unit, you can turn it on at the lowest setting. And you will still feel the unique aroma of our bakhoor: Blessing Aura.

The smoke is very thin. This Blessing Aura is like a symphony played by the Kodutu. And you are the audience.

A tiny bit of this incense can last you months with the help of this unit which will save you in the long run.

Click here to learn more about Kodutu.

Weight: 5g of Bakhoor