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SOLD- Black Panther- Wild Dark Sinking Agarwood Bracelet 16mm over 30g

Dimension 16mm, Over 30g

It is hard to obtain 30g of agarwood bracelet. It is even more difficult to have every single bead weighed over 2g, all made from sinking agarwood

the finished agarwood bracelet is too dark to capture it from a camera. It is a challenging task to see its beautiful grain throughout the lens. In fact, it takes us days to get the images right. The actual beads are even better-looking. Agarwood (Oud) bracelet aficionado, this is definitely for you.

P/S If we could bring this to China, the price would be double at least :))

please note, as science, water and wood do not mix, as raw material there is no issue but with this finished product, water will expand the bead and when dried, it will create cracks with you do not want.

Yes it is sinking, the material is sinking. Please refrain from water-testing them to make your beads last.


Inside this piece, there is a piece of "Double King Sinking Agarwood Gaharu" (that is what the hunter called, we quote only). 


What makes it so special:

it is only 15 cm long but weight over 35g. Super heavy, full of resin, it was auctioned for a price of $5000 USD

Dimension: 15 x 2 x 1.5 cm weight more than this bracelet. What a piece!