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Aroma Can - Pocket Incense heater - 120 seconds of aroma in a push of a button

Valuable pack for incense, resin and bakhoor lover


Premium Portable Electric Incense Heater

Introduce: AROMA CAN

A type of incense heater in a stylish metallic can that change the new you enjoy incense aroma.



With 1 Push of the button, you can expect aroma smoke within 5 seconds.

You do not need to spend one-minute heating charcoal and waiting another two minutes for the charcoal to form the ash.

This pocket portable incense heater heats 36 TIMES faster than the charcoal

This unit also has a fan to deliver incense aroma instantly


As hot as charcoal (400 degrees C or 750 degrees F), this stylish pocket incense heater is super-efficient and convenient to use.


When you use charcoal, you have to turn it off or let it burn off itself, which takes some time. It could be risky to use charcoal when you are forgetful.

This unit turns off automatically after 120 seconds. If you want to feel the aroma again, simply hold the button until you see the green led light.

It is rechargeable using fast charging USB Type- C


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Aroma Can's Features

Height: 14 cm

Width: 7cm

This unit Includes

Rechargeable- Lithium Battery Powered Pocket Incense Heater

Mini USB Type-C Power Charge 

1 mini incense spoon for incense powder

1 tweezer for wood chip incense (you can use it to handle woodchip such as sandalwood, agarwood, palo santo, frankincense)

1 small brush to brush off the remaining incense after use


  • 10g Agarwood - The Great Karma chips
  • 2 small mica plates to fit in the heating chamber. You will experience a sweeter, aromatic fragrant. 

4 easy steps

1) Open the metallic cap

2) Add incense including resins (frankincense), fragrant woods (palo santo, sandalwood, agarwood), bakhoor into the incense chamber

Optional (bonus from us): put the mica plate on top to reduce burn or bitter note, also to protect the heating coil

3) Close the Safety Cap

4) Press and hold the button until the green led light is on.

Enjoy the aroma




  • Do not leave your item unattended. 
  • The heating coil is HOT. Please do not use contact the coil with your hand or any part of your body. Use a supplied tweezer or incense spoon to handle fragrant items in the chamber.
  • It functions as a mini stove. It will be a fire hazard when using close to flammable gas or liquid. AVOID using when gas and alcohol around
  • Please do not turn the product on and leave it unattended
  • Use and store the product in a dry and cool place. 
  • It contains a Lithium Battery. Please handle it with care. If the product is dropped, it may be damaged. Inspect the unit before using it. Ensure there is no change of shape, especially the inflated lithium battery. If you notice a "swollen" battery, please discard the unit.
  • After using, the incense chamber will be darkened. The stain in the chamber is normal. Please do not clean the product with water or any cleaning chemicals. You can use a brush (included in the package) to brush off any remaining incense.

You can use a mica plate on top of the heating coil to prevent the resin melted on the coil.


    • It is preferable to heat incense or incense powder in one go. After each use, let all used incense or wood chips cool down.  Please discard all used incense or chips in the bin by using the supplied tweezer. Do NOT use your bare hand to clean the coil.