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Antgarwood Oil- 100% pure essential Oud oil-grown by ants

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Distillation of Ant Agarwood | Unique Woody Aroma | Nature's Finest Oud Oil


Distillation of Ant Agarwood to Achieve TWO Unique Woody Aroma

What is Ant Agarwood?

Many Agarwood growers harvest Agarwood from wounded Aquilaria trees. We differentiate ourselves by involving ants in the cultivation process, resulting in unique Agarwood known as "Antgarwood".

How does it work?

In fact, many species of ants are known for their farming abilities. Some types of black ants live in our Agarwood plantation, helping to create tunnels and boreholes in Aquilaria trees. These ants cultivate fungi inside the trees, triggering the trees to produce resin, which is collected and used to create highly fragrant Agarwood.

Ant Agarwood Image

How is Ant Agarwood Distilled?

The process starts with collecting resin from the tree, grinding it into powder, and then placing it into distilling chambers. Our experienced oud distillers carefully handle the distillation process to obtain two different aromas from the same Ant Agarwood raw material.


  1. AAO1: Floral, Fruity Woody Agarwood
  2. AAO2: Herbaceous Woody Agarwood

1. AAO1 and AAO2 are both created by ants, resulting in scent profiles close to wild Agarwood. Every drop of this valuable oil is of the highest quality and purity.
2. Our distillation process ensures no unpleasant burning notes, only a pleasant aroma.
3. Our Agarwood offers two distinct and rich aroma profiles: Fruity Woody and Herbaceous Woody, rare in the market.

We show this to many perfumers and Oud collectors.

While they prefer to remain private, their feedback confirms the exceptional quality of our Ant Agarwood.

But there are limited amounts.

Creating Ant Agarwood is time-consuming, resulting in limited production. Experience Nature's Finest Oud Oil by trying our innovative and sustainable method of wounding trees, allowing ants to assist in the process.

We gather this precious material and put hundreds of hours into distilling this unique aroma for you to try.