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Ant-garwood chips- Hand-selected Aromatic Agarwood Chips grown organically by ants


Dear friend

This is Trent again.

I want to share with you something special, Ant-garwood. This amazing wood was created through a unique process by ants.

You see, this Ant-garwood was formed in a condition similar to the wild Agarwood harvest from the jungle. First, we grow our Aquilaria trees until they are 10 years of age. Then we selected a few strong healthy ones to drill some small holes. Finally, we release the ants near the holes. We make sure then is plenty of organic food around for the ants.

These ants build nests and tunnels inside the Aquilaria trees. They also "cultivate" their own fungi for their food supplies.

These processes wound the trees deeply. And in response to the attacks, these Aquilaria trees created Agarwood to respond to the attacks by ants and fungi. Over time, the Agarwood accumulated, resulting in a complex, beautiful, sinking, aromatic fragrance.

It takes 3 to 4 years to form Agarwood in this way compared to other methods. And it is how Agarwood is formed in the wild.

We do not take shortcuts like other growers, who would use harmful chemicals such as insecticides to wound the trees. Agarwood can be created this way, but it is not good for your health due to the residues remaining.

We only want to provide wild Agarwood quality sustainably, so we only use the Ant-garwood method.

My family and I burn these chips ourselves and feel great. I think you would feel the same.

This scent is memorable, spicy sweet woody that will make you feel pleasant. Try something new today.

This unique aromatic agarwood comes in 10g in a tin