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Amazonite 5A-grade beads -10mm

Number of 5A graded Bead
These amazonite beads are top quality, graded 5A, which means they are some of the best you can get. Each bead is cut into a perfect 10mm size, showing off a rich turquoise or blue-green color that is deep and evenly spread out. This makes them look great and also quite rare and valuable.

The beads are mostly clear of any marks or impurities, which is pretty impressive for amazonite, as it’s usually opaque to translucent. Their cut is very precise, enhancing their shine and making them reflect light beautifully, which brings out their natural color. Even though amazonite is often shaped into simple forms called cabochons, the quality of these beads shows that a lot of care has gone into making them.

Overall, these beads are the best of the best in both looks and quality. They are perfect for making high-end jewelry. Assuming these beads haven't been treated to enhance their color, their natural beauty makes them especially sought after by collectors and jewelry lovers.

When you pair these amazonite beads with Agarwood beads, which are known for their calming scent, you get a combination that’s not just pretty but also good for relaxation and mental well-being. Amazonite is believed to help calm the mind and promote health. It’s thought to get rid of negative feelings, help with love and support clear communication.

Agarwood is also valued for its spiritual benefits. It’s often used in meditation to help clear the mind and settle emotions. It has a rich scent that helps people balance their emotions and let go of stress. Together, amazonite and Agarwood beads make a great mix for anyone interested in meditation or looking for a sense of peace and balance in their life.