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Alignment- Grandawood Sustainable Wild Agarwood Incense 沉香香


Embrace the Art of Incense: Unveil the Secret of Alignment. 

Dear friend, Fine Oud incense lover,

There is a particular magic in indulging in the finer things in life - in taking the time to truly appreciate the luxury, the uniqueness, and the craft that goes into each piece of art we surround ourselves with. You, like us, understand that real luxury is more than just a price tag. It is about depth, quality, and above all, a sense of self that cannot be bought or replicated.

In a tranquil corner of the world, surrounded by the lush green of decades-old Aquilatia trees, is our agarwood plantation, cared for by a man named Kiet and his team. He is an incense lover, a seeker, a lover of nature, and a creator of art in one of its most delicate and soul-stirring forms. He has devoted his life to creating something extraordinary from Agarwood, especially crafting fine Agarwood incense.

One day he met Hiroto, a Japanese who loves Agarwood incense. For Hiroto, incense is not merely about fragrance. It is a connection to his inner self, his daily ritual, and something that adds elegance to his surroundings. But a challenge lay before him. The incense available in the market rarely satisfies his longing for the aromatic Agarwood wisp. Most are made from "spent" wood, the remaining wood after oil distillation, having only a little resin left. Incense made with this material does not entertain him.

Hiroto knows most Agarwood in Japan is from Vietnam. So he travels there and meets Kiet.

Seeing Hiroto’s keen interest in pure Agarwood incense, Kiet decides to achieve something that he has not done before: remove almost all the white remaining wood of the chips. This is a laborious task.

Seeing is believing; he also records his team in action.

Kiet’s craftsmen painstakingly remove almost all the white wood to ensure a clean, aromatic burn. Each stick of Alignment Incense is hand-crafted, embodying the labour of love, passion, and commitment Kiet puts into ensuring Hiroto receive nothing but the best. 

After hundreds of hours, this project is finally completed. Kiet calls Hiroto and hands over the special incense.

Hiroto is delighted. As Hiroto lights the first stick, he is immediately enveloped by Agarwood's rich, pure scent. It is a fragrance that he has longed for but has been unable to find in other products. The feeling of happiness that fills him is profound, as the incense resonates with his inner self and fulfils his daily ritual with grace and elegance he has not experienced before.

The knowledge that Kiet and his craftsmen have put so much effort into ensuring he receives nothing but the best also gives Hiroto a sense of being valued and understood. The exclusivity of the incense, combined with its authentic craftsmanship, makes Hiroto feel part of something unique and special.

“Alignment” incense is born. In Zen philosophy, the term "alignment" carries a profound significance that touches on harmony, balance, and the unification of mind, body, and spirit. 

In every stick of Alignment Incense, you'll find the simple beauty of real craftsmanship and feel a special pride knowing you're one of the few who truly appreciate something out of the ordinary.