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Wood of God Powder - Grandawood Agarwood


If you want to make your own fragrant wood incense, then you MUST take a look at this Wood of God powder

  • We make this powder specifically for incense makers who like to have the fragrance of agarwood in their incense.
  • You are getting it directly from us,  the agarwood grower, delivered to your door.
  • This Wood Of God Powder is pulverised from original agarwood wood chips. 
  • Grandawood is the only store in Australia offering this ingredient to you

What is "Wood of God Powder"?

Made from pulverised agarwood chips. And this is very special.

Here is why

Most powder agarwood in the market is "spent" wood. Spent wood is wood that is used,  wood that is already distilled. Any wood distilled to make essential oil has little "juice" left. It does have some fragrance, but not as intense. And that is what is on the market currently; put simply, vendors on the market are selling "spent" or "juiceless" powder to you.

If you make incense out of "spent" wood, it offers some fragrance, but it lacks character.

That is why we create this powder, raw and un-spent, full of juice and resin.

Grandawood Wood Of God Powder is different. Our powder is made from Original Agarwood Chips. If you make incense with this powder, your incense will be of sublime quality. This is the secret of great incense.

A very fine pure agarwood powder ground from high-quality agarwood chips that provides the fullest wood chips aroma. You can mix your own incense powder or use it perfectly on its own. Just 1 little scoop on the incense burner would last you several hours.

Benefits: to create a holy ambience so you or your guests could

  • spend time to have a good conversation
  • enjoy the holy ambience
  • enjoy burning incense
  • smudge your room 

You can use it on the incense burner


burnt in with a mica plate placed on the charcoal.

Made from our own cultivated agarwood for a sustainable future.