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Bracelet- Agarwood-Moss Agate Wealth attracting bracelet


+Agarwood: Vietnamese agarwood
+Bead size: 8mm, Wood beads, 6mm genuine Moss Agate gemstone
+Tibetan metal beads

Our bracelets are made of 100% genuine Vietnamese Agarwood beads, mixed with genuine natural Moss agate gemstone beads, and Tibetan beads.

Moss agate is the stone of wealth and it will attract abundance of all forms, it will help to increase prosperity gradually overtime. It also help to balance emotion, physical status and intellectual energy and is a powerful stone that can strengthen body during stressful time.

Agarwood is said to have absorbed the spirits of Heaven and Earth so it holds a sacred and extraordinary energy within that can bring to their owners lucks, peace, good health, successful career development, happiness and prosperity.

Vietnamese has a unique sweet aroma, delicate and a hint of spice and will last for very long time. The more you wear the beads, the shinier they will become.