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Agarwood lucky charm with red aventurine and grass turquoise bringing fortune and wealth

Very cute and delicate design, this reminds me about my previous home where there was an apricot tree in front of the house. June announces the beginning of Winter in Australia, and after this time is the fruitful time of Apricot tree. I remembered i enjoyed hand picking the golden yellow apricots and then fermented them in brown sugar to make apricot wine, very good for your health and lungs, a delicious beverage during summer as well.

+Agarwood: Vietnamese agarwood
+Bracelet size: 18 cm, elastic
+Bead size: 8mm wood beads, 8mm Red Aventurine and 6mm GrassTurquoise gemstones
+Tibetan metal beads
+ Metal ornament

Our bracelet is made of 100% genuine Vietnamese Agarwood beads, mixed with genuine natural grass turquoise gemstone , aventurine beads,Tibetan beads and metal ornament.

Agarwood is said to have absorbed the spirits of Heaven and Earth so it holds a sacred and extraordinary energy within that can bring to their owners lucks, peace, good health, successful career development, happiness and prosperity.