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Agarwood key fob- Pair of Pi Yao (Pi Xiu) Mythical Winged Lion


It has been told that Pi Yao ( Pi Xiu) is the 9th baby dragon that has been born with birth defect of anorectal malformations. Due to lacking of treatments, Pi Yao passed away after a few days. The Jade Emperor, ruler of the Heaven, heard Pi Yao's bitter cry and thought it was His fault so He sent Pi Yao back to Earth as deity. People worship Pi Yao as deity of protection and prosperity as Pi Yao only eat without expelling and his only food is gold.

Pi Yao looks like Qi Lin but has a longer body , a horn on his head and 2 wings. Pi Yao is favourite Feng Shui  for good fortune and wealth that would attract good flow of money.