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Agarwood incense coil also known as Incense Spiral - made from standard grade cultivated agarwood

If you visit a Buddhist temple,  take a good look at what is above you. Sometimes, you will find some beautiful architecture. Quite often, you will see many spiral coil incense. Temple staff hang them on long steel or a bamboo bar in an open area.

These incense look like a reversed funnel. If you look inside this "funnel", you will see a red paper.

On that red paper, there is a message written to heaven.

This message is asking the Creator to bless the person whose name is written on the red paper.

It is a belief that once the incense is finished burning, the wish comes true.

As you can see, these spiral incense are very large, and they are not suitable to use at home.

So we decide to make a mini version of it; you can make a wish at your own place.

May Heaven bless you!



Product information:

20 incense coils ( around 55 g of total weight)

Burning time: 4 hours per coil

Ingredient: pulverised standard cultivated agarwood chips, Litsea Glutinosa (natural adhesive to bond incense powder)

Suitable for worship and religious purpose.