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Agarwood Fengshui Smudging Incense made with Agarwood and 42 herbs- 21.5 cm


If you are familiar with Smudging, then this incense may interest you.

If you did not know about smudging, you could read on for a quick introduction.



In several cultures, "Smudging” (herbs burning) is a ceremonial act of cleansing mind, body and spirit. It is also a ceremonial act of cleansing the mind, body and spirit that has been practised in several cultures for centuries.

There are different ways of smudging, and each culture does it differently. One thing in common: herbs are being burnt to create a stream of smoke. In Fengshui, it is believed that when heated, the fire's energy will release the healing power of herbs which will attract positive energy while neutralising any negative one.

In Vietnamese, we call it "Xông" (Smudge), it means to smoke. The purpose of "Xông" (Smudge) is to attract positive energy and fortune to your place. When these good energies come to you, you will be blessed.

You could smudge your place by using this Feng Shui incense

"Xông đất" (Smudge the ground) creates a strong foundation.


"Xông nhà" (Smudge the house) for protection and to bless your family


"Xông người" (Smudge the person) for good health and to remove negative energies.

What you need:

- 1 bundle of Feng Shui incense

- A heatproof bowl or ashtray

- A lighter or matches

How to do it:

  • Light the incense, which may take around 30 seconds or more and let it burn for a few seconds.
  • Fan it off
  • Hold the lit end of the incense and start smudging your place by moving it clockwise.
  • Make sure the incense ashes fall into the bowl or ashtray.
  • When finished, extinguish the incense by dipping it into the ash bowl.
  • Leave the room for a few minutes and let the smoke dissipate.

How does it work?

When you smudge, you release the spirit of the plant through the smoke. Traditionally, it is a belief that the smoke will open a spirit realm, and you can communicate with many deities who will bless you and your places.


Introduce the Agarwood Fengshui Incense 

This incense is 21.5 cm long, approximately your handspan- the length from your thumb to your pinky (little finger). Its weight is 30g.

When you hold this incense on your hand, you will feel the dried herbaceous aroma from the incense. The scent is so evoking that it instantly transports you to a Traditional Chinese Medicine store. The aroma derives from agarwood powder and 42 different herbs.

When you burn this incense to smudge, it will last you around 3 hours.


Ingredients: (50% is agarwood powder, and the rest 50% is from 42 different herbs, including

Cinnabaris: which made this incense in red colour

Crinum asiaticum

Tribulus Terrestris

There are many other herbs that offer similar properties: to attract positive energy, some are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How to use

Burning this incense will create a stream of smoke, creating a "smudging" experience.

1) Light this incense by a candle. Due to its thickness, it takes 1 minute to initial the fire of this incense

2) Walk around the house to smudge, or you can bury the bottom of this incense stick in a cup of sand or rice to hold it firmly. You would see constant smoke from this incense. Please avoid the smoke alarm. Please do it in an open space with proper ventilation, and leave your window or door open during the ceremony. 

3) Keep an eye on this incense stick all the time as it takes more than 3 hours to wholly combust (more than enough to smudge a mansion). You can always eliminate the fire anytime by burying the light into the sand or rice cup

4) Enjoy new positive energy and welcome new fortune to your house. God blessed you all

If you feel that you have "smudged" enough and decide to turn it off for another day, you can:

Simply "extinguish" the fire by

  • "watering" the red burning top only (do not submerge the incense underwater). Once it dries, you can re-light again. or
  • Press the firing part against the sand (not-flammable surface) until it is off

Fire hazard

For safety reasons, you must always be present when burning incense. Please do not use it near inflammable liquids or gases.

Suppose you are unable to finish smudging this incense in one go., please turn on the tap, and carefully let the water extinguish the fire. 

Please don't wet the incense so you can reuse it later on.