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Z- OUT OF STOCK - Z 100 % Pure Wild Oud Oil The Bittersweet Honey extremely limited quantity


Main notes

Start with super honey sweet, bitterness and later dried down to sweet oud wood.

Who is this oil for?

We believe this oud (oudh) oil is unisex, there are two characters of the oil which you would love, i.ie lady loves the sweetness and man may like the bitterness and woody note. Generally speaking, this is a pleasant oil without any faecal or decomposed notes

This is not just another Oud oil

What makes this oil so unique?  You ask?

So far,  most of our oils are distilled from one region and from one species only, usually Aquilaria Crassna or Malaccensis.

As most of you already know, with wild oud distillation, it may take weeks or even months to gather enough material to distil. However, it does not stop there

Fixed costs are labour, rent. The other costs are electricity, gas and more importantly, the time spent on the distillation process.

The quality of Oud Wood is critical here as its fixed costs are the same no matter the superior or inferior material. With wild oud wood, recently, it is difficult to obtain genuinely resinous oud wood

So this time, we tried something different, sourcing agarwood from 3 different countries/ regions. 

Brunei Darussalam

Sabah Sarawak - Malaysia

Long Bawan, North Kalimantan - Indonesia

Better yet, with local guides and knowledge, we found that the agarwood woods are made from 3 species Malaccenssis, Microcarpa and Beccariana



These woods are pulverised are soaked for 3 days only. This to prevent any mould development activity which may later ruin the batch.

We slow cooked these materials to achieve the highest quality possible from these precious materials because boiling can break down some chemical structure of the oil, which ultimately and inevitably changed the odour of the oil

How slow you may ask? 15 days from low to medium heat

 See the fire below?

Apologise for the quality of the image as the darkness of the room 

Finally, we achieved the outcome. An oud that sweet, ouddy woody without any " appalling " note