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100% Pure Cultivated , Specially Crafted and Aged Agarwood Oil (Oud): Emas


Introducing an Exquisite, Eco-Friendly Oud Oil from the Region of Kelantan, North East Peninsular Malaysia

Material: Sustainably Cultivated Aquilaria Malaccensis, Aged 2 Years Post-Infection

Experience a luxurious oud oil, expertly crafted through a meticulous, short soaking process of just three days.

Why choose this exceptional oud oil?

This oil is ethically distilled from plantation agarwood, ensuring an eco-conscious and sustainable approach. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, our oud oil is small-scale crafted with care and precision.

In June 2016, a limited 1-litre batch was distilled and aged for two years. Upon release, half was instantly acquired by a discerning private collector.

Our cultivated oil's remarkable quality rivals that of its wild counterparts. Immerse yourself in an amiable, elegant, powdery woody scent with a hint of musk. As it dries down, savor the sweet, woody, and oudy undertones.

Please note: if you seek barnyard, decomposed, animalic, or dirty faecal notes, this oud oil is not for you.

However, if you desire an elegant, affable, and pleasant scent, we highly recommend this rare, exquisite oil.

Look no further for those who appreciate high-quality, ethical, and environmentally friendly choices. We have made the impossible possible.

Due to the grower's business closure caused by labor shortages, we have only one 1.5ml vial available. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to own a truly unique and rare oud oil.