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The Green Verdant- 100% Pure Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud) Oil

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Experience the fantastic wild agarwood aroma with our sustainable cultivated agarwood oil.

John (*) is an outgoing man. He likes bright and sunny weather. He influences many people by his charisma. In his spare time, he drinks tea, burns incense and smells oud oil.

He has been using wild agarwood oil for many years. There is an issue: wild agarwood is getting less and less every day while its price is more and more expensive year after year.

Because getting enough good quality wild agarwood to distil oud oil is difficult due to its availability, many distillers use many low-grade kinds of wood to distil their oud. Wild Oud oil distilled from low-in-resin wood results in a plain note with slightly burning and bitter accord. 

John has been spending a lot of money and is not satisfied with what he got. And he has been looking for more. 

One Saturday, John told me that he wanted an oud oil that is bright, youthful and intense. Oud that has a booming effect: layer after layer. He misses these characteristics of a good agarwood oil that he used to have.

I asked John if he would be interested in trying out the Green Verdant. 

At first, he was reluctant to give this oil because it was hard for him to believe that a tree planted by a human could beat a tree grown in the forest. So here is the question

Is it possible for farmed agarwood oil to develop a smell more complex than the wild one from a forest?

You see, the single reason that makes wild agarwood better quality than cultivated agarwood :

It is TIME.

When an Aquilaria tree is wounded, its body creates agarwood. The older the agarwood, the better it becomes.

Old agarwood is heavier, more resinous, and has more aromatic compounds, making wild agarwood oil better.

In the past, distillers used many decade-old wild agarwood to distil wild agarwood oil

Recently, the wild agarwood used to make wild oud oil is around five years old because of overharvesting.

Hence, John cannot smell the oud that he used to smell.


I understood his frustration and revealed to John that I had something to satisfy him.

The breakthrough that makes farmed agarwood oil comparable to the wild Oud, even surpasses it. 

In a small section of our plantation (image below), there are many hand-selected Aquilaria trees.

These trees receive a special treatment to create a new breed of agarwood called “Green Verdant”.

This special treatment uses a non-toxic formula to speed up the process of "aging" the agarwood and make it resin-rich.

Aging is the key to achieving this incredible camphorous woody aroma.

When my colleagues pulverised the Green Verdant and brought it to the chamber to turn it into an extraordinary oud oil, I was shocked to try it on my skin.

It was incredible, and I could not describe it fully in words. I know that this oud oil will satisfy the most difficult customer.

So I recommended it to John.

After one week, John told me that he was delighted because he finally found an oil that satisfied him: The incredible Green Verdant after many years of looking.

Typically, some customers would love to leave feedback for me, but not for John because this action would reveal that he bought this oil from me. John’s part-time hobby is selling agarwood oil, too. 

Green Verdant Oud oil's scent profile is incredibly aromatic 

  • BOOM BOOM BOOM, first impression with woody oudy. You feel it as soon as the cap open, even BEFORE taking a small dab.
  • Green, grassy to start with
  • Sweet floral after several minutes
  • A touch of camphor
  • Sturdy, long-lasting, woody, note

Who would love this oud?

  • You have tried some oud oils, which are monotone, dull and tedious. The scent does not evolve after some time. You are looking for the smell that invigorates you from the first sniff? Grab it now to feel the magic
  • You have tried some of the most elegant perfumes, which have multiple layers (top notes, middle notes, and base notes). These perfumes are from niche fragrance houses. The perfumer composed different essential oils with their unique formula to achieve the complex scent. You love the development of these fine fragrances. We have good news for you, this oud oil (agarwood oil) is a perfume of itself that contains multiple layers of scent, which also develop over time. "What makes it so special?" you asked. It is a single essential oud oil, no blend, no mix, no funny business.
  • You love the environment, but you do not want to compromise on the quality. This oud is very similar to the wild version "Splendid Green", green, sweet woody and a hint of sour, a touch of camphor.
  • The controlled soaking process to obtain "creamy barnyard" (no, not the decomposing note that you might have experienced before, none of that). This note could be VERY addictive to certain people. It is very suitable for someone new to Oud.

(*) For privacy reasons of our client, John is a pseudonym I use.