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SCW-100% Pure Artisanal Distilled Super Creamy Woody Sandalwood Oil (Santalum Album)


"The perfumer ignored me when I showed her this bottle, but when I opened the lid..." - Muhammad Mustafa.

Muhammad Mustafa lived in the USA, and he wanted some wood smell for his bespoke perfume as a one-off. 

He wanted something woody creamy but struggled to find it.

He told me that the oil he had was not potent enough. It had the sandalwood smell, but he felt that it had been diluted with other oil.

Muhammad came across this SCW (Super Creamy Woody Sandalwood). He liked what he saw but was unsure if this was what he wanted. He decided to place a small sample to try.

While the sample was in transit,  the perfumer who Muhammad commissioned to make his bespoke perfume,  had some of the new sandalwood oil. And according to the perfumer, it was AAA grade.

“I just got it today, and you have not tried it before. This is one of the best sandalwood oils I have here; come here and try,” The perfumer said

Muhammad tried, and he agreed with the perfumer that his sandalwood oil was great.


The SCW arrived

He could not believe what he smelled, so the next day, he brought this SCW oil to his perfumer Ibrahim.

Ibrahim did not pay much attention to Muhammad when Muhammad brought this bottle to him.

But when Muhammad opened the small vial, Ibrahim’s facial expression changed.

“What was that smell?”

“I got this from a guy in Australia; how do you feel.”

“Amazing, is that all you got?” 

“Well, I only got a small sample to try, I will get more for this project.”


About the SCW- Super Creamy Woody Sandalwood Oil

Warning: Very Very Very addictive


If this oil were food, you would call it "mouthwatering" good.

This sandalwood oil is "food for the nose", so let's label it "nose-watering" good, exhilarated good.

For those who love these wild aged sandalwood bracelets and mala beads, you will get the even more potent, more intense aroma in this oil.

If you love Mysore Sandalwood, then you will love this oil.

Super creamy, rich, slightly camphorous and intense woodsy, incense-like.

This super oil is not any ordinary sandalwood oil. It will satisfy your craving for wood aroma.

What makes this oil so good?

The material: per images, they are solid, dense wood that smells good even before distilling. 


This super aromatic sandalwood oil will suit you if 


  • You are looking for a small, Do It Yourself perfume for personal use.
  • You desire a robust woody base because you like essential wood oil.
  • You would love the intense sandalwood smell, especially if you have tried Mysore Sandalwood before.
  • You love the "booming effect" of woody oil, oil that has a rich, creamy note that "shocks" you as soon as you open the lid.


Please patch test to check for skin sensitivity.

Sandalwood oil is quite intense if you find it overwhelming, please dilute with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil. 


Product Origin: Wild Sandalwood Oil from Indonesia East Nusa Tenggara Province of Indonesia (NTT)