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100% Pure Agarwood Oil- Scasa Saat, the Classic Wild Cambodian Oud Oil


Is it a 100% pure oud oil or oud perfume oil?

Dear friend

You may have heard of "Cambodian Oud" oil as this name is prevalent. 

Usually, it goes like this: " Pure Cambodian Dehn al oud OIl, aged for ten years (some even said hundred of years) 12 ml for $50 only"

When you see this, you need to ask the seller if this was perfume oud oil or 100% PURE OUD OIL.  This is important because they told you it was the later, which is $50 for 12ml. I can tell you it was not valid. Even $100, it is too cheap.


Because the oud chips (material that use to distil oud) cost more than that, many scammers are willing to tell you their oud are 100% genuine. Sometimes, people trust them and buy from them.

Believe it or not,  many people have not tried the real one before, so they don't even know what it should smell like. So they have the wrong impression of the Cambodian Oud. They felt that nothing was unique about this oud.

Let me tell you a story. 

There was one customer, he sent me an image of "Cambodi Oud". He asked me if I had this product for him.  

  • "So Assad, can you let me know where you get the image from?"
  • "From the seller website". Assad responded
  • "So you get the product information, you are on the seller website, and you asked me if I had this product?" I puzzled
  • "Because I am not sure if this was good or not. I tried Cambodi Oud before, but the cost was more than this" Assad said.
  • "How much is listed for this oud?
  • "$60 USD for 12ml bottle. It said pure oil.

I advised him to ask the seller if it was pure oud oil or it was a perfume oil. Nothing wrong with perfume oil by the way. My point was to ensure he knew what he was getting.

You see, next time, when you go to the supermarket, please pay attention to some particular juices, any of the below will do

  • Blackcurrant juice
  • Blackberry juice
  • Strawberry juice
  • Mango juice 

Now, you find the label and read it.

One thing will be in common; these bottle of juices have more than one listed ingredients. I don't know about you, but here is what I found.

The Mango juice bottle for example only contains

  • 5% of mango juice, 80% are orange, 15% is apple juice.

AND the manufacturer don't call them orange juice but MANGO JUICE


Why? For $7, 2 litre of juices to contain mango only, it was not feasible.  They know mango is expensive, so they called it Mango Juice. Well, at least it includes some mango juice.


You see, just because some oud perfume was labelled at "Cambodi Oud"  (or Cambodian Oud), it does not mean the bottle contains 100% pure oud oil.

You tried this oud before, but it did not smell right.

Perhaps you had terrible experiences with oud before. It might be too sharp for you. It smelled awful, like poop literally.

Which made you refused to wear it again. 

I am with you, and I understand your feeling. Because I have witnessed many people experienced the same. 

Don't worry; I will address your concern right here.

Let me introduce to you, Scasa Saat, the Classic 100% Wild Cambodian Pure Oud Oil.

This classic oud scent will change your mind and redefine the meaning of the beautiful Cambodian Oud oil.

This oil likes no other; there is no fecal or animalic note at all. Some of you may have a sensitive nose, so you would detect some creamy leathery note, don't mistake this for decomposition note.

When you try this oud oil, I want you to take a small dab on your wrist. Don't rub, but dab multiple times around your wrist. You will find sweetness in the beginning, and... a hint of a sour note. Then it starts to bloom like high-end fragrance.

Multiple of woody scent which is lingering for hours, and it is incredibly refreshing.

This is NOT a fragrance oil but 100% hydro distillation essential oil.

Who is this oud for?

If you are after "stinky" oil, this is NOT for you.


If you

  • are new to oud


  • appreciate woody or fragrant wood scent or


  • want to experience the divine aromas from the Wood Of God


  • want to collect some rare oil which does not expire or even get better with time without breaking your bank


    Then this is 100% pure Oud (Agarwood) Oil is for you.


    It energizes, stimulates your brain and body in short, unique scent which is different from other Oud oil. You only sniff one and you would keep sniffing !


    Dried fruit, nutty, slightly sour, sweet, vanillic and woody. Classic Oud distilled by our experienced distiller.


    Or if you want something truly unique, blend it with your floral perfume for a beautiful romance.