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Assam Oud: 100% Cultivated Indian Agarwood (Oud) Oil Graameen


Region: Tripura

Aquilaria Agallocha

Scent profile

If you loved Hindi Oud style, you would probably love this one.

On a scale of 10: 1 is the least barnyard, 10 is the most animalic (manure, leathery, decomposed notes)  one, this oil is around 3. It was called " Good barnyard" Oud

 1       3            10   

If you somewhat loved the WD40 (multi-purpose lubricant), this oil might be a great match with your personality. 

Unfortunately, not everyone loves WD's smell, so this oil will not be for everyone.

However, the barny note will only last for 10 minutes as it will evaporate after that, leaving something strangely addictive, leathery creamy woody behind. It is also sweet and bitter with the chocolate note.

This oil is sustainable for future use as it was distilled from cultivated agarwood.


Batch 12/07/2019

 Interesting fact

Did you know taking agarwood out of India without any documentation is illegal? See the story below.

Source: Indian TIme

"New Delhi: CISF personnel detected 'agarwood' weighing around 45kg, worth approximately Rs 2.3 crore, at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport on Thursday. Officials said that on Thursday, around 3 am, CISF surveillance and intelligence personnel of IGI airport selected a passenger on profiling basis for thorough checking in the departure area of Terminal-3. The passenger was taken to the random checking point with his five bags for checking. During X-ray screening, some suspicious images were noticed inside his bags. The bags were diverted for physical checking and the bags were found filled with wood weighing about 45kg. The passenger was identified as Mohammad Hafizul Rehman (42), who was supposed to travel to Bahrain by Gulf Air. When questioned, the passenger could not reply satisfactorily. Subsequently, the message was passed to senior officers of CISF and AIU/customs officials. On arrival, Customs informed that the said wood was known as agarwood (used for making perfume), which is prohibited for export under the Wildlife Act. Later, the passenger was handed over to customs officials for further legal action in the matter."