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February 16, 2019 2 min read

Escentially Eve - Perfumes 

"Welcome to my passion – my bliss Perfumes made with real, therapeutic grade essential oils (the same used in Aromatherapy) - not artificial fragrances. My fragrances reflect me - my heart, my soul: complex, deep, an elusive quality - even a bit mysterious. You will find more of the HEART (middle) notes & BASE notes in my perfumes, with only minimal TOP notes. It is how I am as a person - I like to get to the heart & core of the matter or subject fast without spending too much time on the surface or superficiality. It has been suggested to me by my teacher to make my perfumes 'lighter' (by using more citrus or top notes) but in all honesty – they then wouldn’t be my perfumes, but her’s. So, I am staying true to me & creating perfumes with an aroma that reflects my personality, my core! If you have liked commercial perfumes along the lines of: Vanderbilt, Obsession, Shalimar, etc, then you will love mine! I do love florals too, like: Bvlgari Jasmin noir, Chloe & Narcisse (eg) & create similar to them as well. … I really do hope you will like them! "


The Oud perfume Pantera and Panthyreon by Escentially Eve

Pantera & her Beast have been created to not only complement each other beautifully but to work synergistically when their aromas blend. Alone, she is sexy, rare, exotic & sensual, but elusive. On his own, he is a primal, pheromone-filled beast with underlying raw power. Independent, sleek, strong & polished. Bring these two together, for, well …….

The concept

A His and Her Perfume set that induces romance and passion when worn together (as a couple)

A His n Hers set, not for the faint of heart.
She (Pantera): untamed, free, primal, fluid, supine, sexy, smooth. Elusive, nocturnal, rare & exotic.
He (Panthyreon): A sexual, strong beast, confident, underlying raw power, fearless, assertive, independent nocturnal predator, sleek & polished.

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Geranium, Tuberose, Neroli, Iris, Orris Root, Magnolia, Tiare, Jasmine Sambac, Hyraceum, Ambrette, Bois de Rose, Labdanum and Oud (Evergreen Superior)


Oud (Evergreen Superior)) , Labdanum, Ambrette, Leather BlendHyaceum, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Ambergris heart, Bois de Rose, Tonka Bean, Saffron, and Geranium Bourbon


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