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It was a scorching day, and I woke up at 5 am. After some refreshing agarwood tea, I decided to check our email. :)

The purpose of this blog is to help you understand more about genuine sinking agarwood beads. 

Our customers often ask about the quality of agarwood beads. It is quite common that "black, dark" beads with a "lower" price are preferred. Before going through the price, let us exam some beads and have some fun.

Recently, there are two new quality agarwood bracelets, and 108 malas made (for more info, see below). As we strive for perfection, to ensure all beads were made with extreme care, although it is hard, the result was 13 beads that were not "too" perfect, which we will use for some fun testing

27g of 13 wild agarwood beads without string is excellent to have. To give you an idea for younger, cultivated beads, they are around 13g, half of the weight provided that the dimension of both wild and cultivated beads are circa 16mm.

There is no need to test cultivated beads as there will not sink (the resin content is too young and much less compared to the wild one)


We decided to select two beads to show you a clear example here:

Two agarwood beads: both weighed the same of 2g or 2 x 2g = 4g

However, one bead sinks and the other floats. What are the reasons?


The answer is simple: It is the resin that determines. The more of its resin content, the faster it sinks.

Naturally, an old agarwood log has uneven resin distribution, making some part of that log sink. In other words, a sinking wood has sinking parts and non-sinking parts, depending on the resin content.

Below are agarwood beads made from a non-sinking log. We left a small infected part to show you the beads' pattern.

Check out the video below.


 Seven agarwood float and six sinks

Vertical view

Horizontal view


As you could see, this bracelet is half-sinking because there are seven beads which float. It is an excellent quality agarwood bracelet and suitable for a collector. All pictures and video are raw without editing.

If you have more question, please email us or comment below.


Cultivated Agarwood beads, dimension 20mm, weight 28g and it floats

Although its weight is similar to its wild version, the resin content (agarwood, the infected part) is much less. Whitewood content dominates in this case; hence, it will NOT sink. The scent from this cultivated is quite decent despite its young age. 



Please note:

This is extremely important:

  • After emerging beads underwater, you must immediately dry them with clean, scentless clothes. Once the water gets in your beads, which causing the expansion of beads dimension, it is hard to repair as the beads pattern will be distorted. When the water vaporises, you will see water-damaged marks. We have seen many cases.

Please do not test it at home, and if you do, it is at your own risk.


3 Responses

Abbas ali
Abbas ali

February 08, 2020

I have an old wood bracelet, how do I know it is natural oud wood

Pamela Cook
Pamela Cook

June 30, 2017

very interesting. thank you for sharing. sounds like I ought to be confident to find a nice and natural Kalimantan agarwood 108 or a strand of wrist prayer beads from you at a price that match my purse. some traders (large investment company) soaked clothe with the designated agarwood scent / powder and rub the ordinary agarwood beads to make them resembled the smelly genuine Kalimantan agarwood prayer beads. they then sold them at a costly price. artificial scent profusely differs from natural scent. this is not nice. when use in prayers, and in the absence of burning agarwood inscence, the natural fragrance / scent of natural Kalimantan agarwood will be served as a calming and purification agents. if everything is unreal, then the sense of genuinity will be challenged and become nearest to pretence due to insufficient wholeheartedness efforts power backing up. this is my personal view and not the perspectives of professional bodies.

Michael C
Michael C

January 13, 2017

Wonderful article. Thank you for sharing this

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