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January 14, 2016 3 min read

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Agarwood, in the form of solid woodchip resin, people referred to it as "black gold", or "liquid gold" if it is in the form of oil. Known as Oud oil, which is costly, distinct and for high-end consumers, perfumers used it as a base note for luxurious perfume. In Arab, it is common for men to keep three bottles of oud, one for home, one for office and the last one in the car.

According to Tori Telfer (2013), 

" But though supply is dwindling, demand is increasing, and in classic economic style, this means the price of oud has skyrocketed 500 percent over the last 20+ years. Tom Ford was the first to introduce oud to Western masses with his 2002 release of YSL's M7, "Oud Absolu," and the popularity of the scent has since boomed among those who like their fragrances dark and seductive. A few notables: Christian Dior Leather Oud, Killian’s Pure Oud, Le Labo’s Oud 27, Tom Ford Oud Wood, Armani Prive 1001 Nights Collection Oud Royal, Juliette Has A Gun’s Midnight Oud."

I have tried Giorgio Armani Oud Royal Eau de Parfum 100 ml; this certainly is one of the best Oud perfume in the market. Interlude Man Amouage for men, generally it is a lovely perfume, right blend. Touches of amber, frankincense, cistus and myrrh, sacred notes that are made contemporary and sophisticated; overall, it is a good perfume for male because it is heavy, mature and masculine.


Some consumers have not tried oud oil before in pure form without any blend or mixture in it. However, they said it smelled "strong ouddy" and used the impression they had of oud, on a different perfume. They reviewed that there was no oud in other perfumes because they could not smell it.

The challenge: there is no proof and inconclusive that if any of these perfume contains genuine but synthetic Oud, for example, 10760E created by Firmenich. I leave it for your experience.

Here is the link for synthetic Oud compound

As its skyrocket price, it is hard to put a lot into it but just a small hint. To enjoy Oud oil in its purest scent, Ensar Oud or Agar Aura is the best place to go but it is not for everyone. They are "artisan distillers" which are second to none.

For us, as commercial distillers on a large scale, we can produce good oil with complexity scent profile, and one of our products could be used to wear daily without breaking your bank. Our cultivated agarwood (oud) oils are sustainable future because they come from agarwood plantations instead of the wild.

To get Oud, it is not an easy task; it takes decades in total for a tree to form agarwood, which takes tones to "convert" litre of Oud oil. Smell it, and you would never forget this unique aroma.

We offer samples and 1.5ml glass vial to purchase; you do not need a hundred dollar to try and own your oud. For as little as $50 + GST, you can invest in a sample kit containing 6 different oud oil with their unique scent profiles. You will learn that each oud has its own characters. You may like some or all of them. You also may dislike some of them because they do not resonate with you.

When you try these ouds, keep your mind opened and re-visit them to experience the difference. With agarwood oils (oud), it changed over time and became better with age. So at first, sometimes it may overwhelm you, but after an hour or two, you may love it than anything you have ever tried. You also swear that you will not ever try it again. Just keep your mind open and learn these incredible aromas.


One more thing, most of Arabian Oud are from cultivated plantation site in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand, where our plantations are located. We are not sure why people label it as "Arabian Oud" because there is no farmed agarwood in the Middle East. The reasons: Aquilaria thrives on tropical weather - warm and humid.

You can try a wide range of cultivated agarwood oil below: 


If you are a bespoke perfume maker in Australia or a perfume blender, why not contact us for a project, as this liquid gold would be extraordinary for your clients.

Enjoy your time!

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Nguyen Tien Canh
Nguyen Tien Canh

September 16, 2016


It is honor for us to know you

We are Vietnam Aquilaria Corporation, we wish to inform you that our  company is planting and selling Agarwood essential oil, Chips and Powder.
Our products made by plantation and using Bio – inoculation methods  to create the natural Agarwood. So that, our products are high quality and safe to health.
With more than 20 years of research and production of agarwood essential oil and agarwood Chips. The Experts and Sientists of Vietnam Aquilaria Corporation has held the top secret recipes to creat highest quality of agarwood products. Our products have been accepted by quality and reasonable price of customers in the World when compared to the same products from other countries.
I guarantee that we are only providing agarwood products with the finest quality,clear source and has been certified by CITES.

Would you like to take interested in Vietnam agarwood products, please feel free to contact me for any questions or queries
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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