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The Splendid Green- The smell of a green forest - 100% pure wild agarwood (Oud) oil


The Splendid Green is a superior aromatic pure oud oil which has been passionately distilled using the fine grade of agarwood and aged for 24 months.

A full sweetness of floral and dried fruit with zero barn-yard. Extremely smooth from the first dried fruit note, green grassy as the middle, it then dries down to the unmistaken vanillic Thai Oud at the end. Image you are in a rain forest, the "green" refreshing note and the intense of holy wood (Oud) note

This oil will not numb your nose in the beginning, Its gentle approach will the way through your olfactory slowly but noticeably.

If you do not appreciate animalic or barn-yard smell, the Splendid Green is definitely for you. Very "Green" with woody note. Such a beautiful combination