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The problems with the agarwood industry

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How does it affect me or my company?

If you are a buyer for your company or act as a buying agent, you would like to know the supply source. We have been doing it for a long time and seen the common concerns: the source of the agarwood, its quality and price

Source of agarwood: Cultivated vs wild agarwood

Without further reading, you actually have one  choice: Cultivated agarwood, known as farmed agarwood or plantation agarwood, which is grown by human in a controlled environment without costing the earth. Think of growing crops, think of vegetables, fruits you consume everyday which are from a sustainable source.

Question for you: Would you like to partner with us with our cosmetic or pharmaceutical production? Imagine a 400-hectare land where we grow our ethical, sustainable agarwood, would this asset alone will help you to verify the source. Wouldn't it be nice when you can focus your task in creating what your customer love? High-end products for your affluent customers.

Problem of wild agarwood

Wild Aquilaria is a protected specie.

Most of the time, wild agarwood harvested are restricted, in some countries, it is illegal to harvest. Due to its high price and low investment required (no need to invest in land, technology and time to grow), it attracts many people of doing it. If you are buying wild agarwood products for your cosmetic productions, you may find some inconsistency in its quality and your parcels might be seized by custom..

In short, you may lose the goods, your investment and more important, your brand reputation.


Source  Charterjee 2018



This is the most important factor, as a manufacturer (cosmetic, pharmaceutical), you want consistency, you want a GC/MS  report, you want  some particular substances, compounds to be in the oil every time. You want a reliable source because your time is valuable you have more things to worry rather than checking the GC/MS reports every time.

You want a source you can trust. A source which can meet your demand consistently..

You don't want 100,000 bottles of perfume containing different scent profile. Imagine your retail customers ring your outlets or your customer service line up and start complaining about this issue. How many refund/ charge back you are going to have? Imagine your retail assistants, your retail managers who have to deal with the issues which  they do not have the solutions for. 

 Isn't it better off to get it right at the first time. 


You are given a strict budget to work with. We get that and we can talk more about that if you are serious enough.

In addition, it also depends what you are looking for. To save your time, We do not do second or third distilled oil, so please do not ask (second or third distilled oil means the premium oil was collected first. The same material then re-heated, re-distilled to "squeeze" out any left. Quite often the smokey and burn note will be presented because of heat damage)

Quality and Price are the two common asked questions. However, to our surprise, rarely anyone asked about logistic which is one of the most important factor to consider too


You are probably an experienced buyer and/or importer. However, occasionally, we get asked if our price are tax inclusive? 

We would love to say yes, but the true is: legislation changes quite often which are out of out control.

If you are from Europe, let us know because you will be surprised how much money we can save you on VAT. Totally legal,  email us info@grandawood.com.au

Buyers are responsible for custom clearance and tax payments when importing goods. If you have an import departments, please communicate with them directly to know the fee as these fee depends on each country.

CITES: if you are importing agarwood regularly or even one or twice a year, if the amount is over a kg, it is likely a CITES would be required for custom clearance

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