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There are many agarwood sellers out there. Why us? 

Dear friend

There are hundreds of agarwood sellers on the market, online and offline. It means you have many choices. In case you are wondering why you should choose us, allow me to tell you.


Grandawood Agarwood is no ordinary agarwood seller. 

We are also an agarwood grower and producer. We carry more than 5 types of agarwood chips, 10 different types of agarwood oils, and 4 different incense types. We also have access to 1000 hectares of agarwood plantation.  


We refuse to use what other agarwood growers use.

Many decades ago, when our family first started planting agarwood, a large corporation would like to sell us their pre-mixed agarwood inoculation method to create agarwood. But we refused to use their solution because it would make us reply to them. Besides, if every farmer used the same way to create agarwood, would all the cultivated agarwood smell the same?


It means you will get the same agarwood from two different growers. And we do not want to do that. So we create our own formulas to make our Grandawood Agarwood.


We then apply our formulas to different trees in different areas to create a distinct agarwood aroma.


We have a specific team whose jobs are to hand carve agarwood. It means to separate agarwood from white wood. Only wood parts that meet our strict requirements pass through. We would recycle the rest. 


We also have access to different things that make our agarwood standing out

To distil agarwood oil, we need water. And we do not use tap water because it has chlorine. Although chlorine in water is suitable for daily consumption, it affects the aroma of agarwood oil. Fortunately, our plantations have access to some local spring waters, which we use to "cook" our aromatic oud oils.


As an "Oud chef", we are "cooking" Oud all days. We would you to offer you a wide variety of "Oud dishes" (agarwood oil). So we use different styles of cooking—for example, Co2 extraction, Water Distillation, Steam Distillation. Besides, we have two types of distilling pot (Steel, Copper apparatus) to distil our oils. That is why you see an extensive collection of our oud products.


As if all that wasn't enough, we are not an overnight established shop that popped out from nowhere. We have been growing and distilling agarwood for three generations.