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Tax GST VAT information


In Australia, Goods and Services Tax (GST) is 10%. It means if our displayed price is $11:

  • International orders will not have GST included in the price, and the price display is adjusted automatically (in your currency if available).
  • Domestic orders (within Australia) will be $11 ($10 for the goods and $1 for GST).


Dear friend

We sell and ship internationally, so depending where you are, there will be different taxes applied.

In Australia, we do wholesale and retail.

Our prices are GST INCLUSIVE PRICES, which mean:

  • If you order within Australia, you will see a 10% of Goods and Services Tax (GST) included in your total order. For example, the total order is $110, you will see $10 tax INCLUDED. The final bill is $110. You will see it when checking out.


  • If you order outside of Australia, depending on your country import customs, additional taxes may apply. For example, 20% VAT if you are from UK or 7% if you are in Singapore. It is your responsibility to clear custom and pay your local tax.