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Oud (Oudh) Perfume

The Oud (Oudh) perfume that specifically crafted for oud lovers who enjoy oud wood note and its complexity without the barnyard, faecal, decomposition note

  • Every time you heard the Oud in a perfume, the price is over a hundred for a 30ml-bottle but you are still unsure what genuine Oud smells like?  You want to learn about Oud but it is difficult because every ingredient is blended in.
  • You tried some commercial oud perfumes, even some well-known brand, and you find something is still missing, something which creates excitement 
  • You even tried some niche fragrance which contains Oud note or "oud" was part of its name. After hours or days, you found the scent is excellent but deep down, you did not feel content. The scent did not satisfy you. The answer may not surprise you because to save cost and for quality consistency, Oud synthetic would be used. Don't get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with these compounds. Believe it or not, they do a good job of partly mimicking the oud note. The only disadvantage of these synthetics is their depth and complexity compared to the genuine oud oil. We don't just say it, we tested them, all of them and many more in the market.

  • You may ask how and why these synthetic ouds were used instead of the essential oil version? Long story but short, it is all about cost. The above is around $2 per gram or circa $2000 per kg. Genuine agarwood (Oud) oil costs $12,000 ++++ per kg. You read it right, commercial genuine agarwood (oud) oil is in 5 digits range per kg.  Isn't it too expensive to use real Oud oil in perfumery?
  • Did you know the packaging is also costly? Don't believe us? Try search packaging supplier, there will be a minimum order, which is usually 1000 packages. Worst yet, the cost is around $8 per box to get it printed in Australia, want the golden stamp, shiny foil? Sure, it would be $10 per box? Still not convinced? You could do a search on local niche perfume or handmade perfume, most of them are without box. Again, don't get us wrong, we are trying to show you the cost of making one perfume. Eventually, it is the liquid inside that count, but the price? Who knows the real cost?
  • So, we tried to step in, we may not have many fancy ingredients. However, one thing we have and we have abundantly more than anyone: AGARWOOD, the missing ingredient which you are looking for. 

    How much do you have, you may wonder? Long but short, more than 500,000 Aquilaia trees combined, enough for continuous supply for centuries? What? Are you sure? Yes, we are. Each tree harvested, three new one planted. We have been doing it for a long long time.
  • Genuine Agarwood (oud or Oudh) oil is not a problem now. We need to find a skilled craftsman. Imagine, a renowned chef with an excellent ingredient to cook, What an excellent combination. The legendary perfumer Jonathon Midgley who could create any scent. Please Google " Jonathon Midgley" for more information. He used to run Damask Perfumery for several years. Although he passed away, Gabrielle is currently continuing his works. 
  • Oud Spirit, - Glory of the Pain-, you may ask why? Why such a weird name? Again, long story but short, Agarwood is created only when the Aquilaria tree is wounded. It is the pain that makes a worthless wood becomes one of the most appreciated scents over time, the scent which was mentioned in the Holdy Bible, the Buddhist Scriptures, the Quran. Without pain, agarwood would not be created. From worthless to worthy, hence the name: "Glory of the Pain" and the spirit it carries.
  • Still worry after reading the story? We know. What about we assure you there is genuine Oud oil in this perfume and you will enjoy it. On top of what was blended in, we will even include an extra vial of 0.5 ml of our own 100% pure cultivated oud oil separately, FOR FREE, if you purchase a 30-ml bottle, period. This is a promise, a genuine way to show we actually care, a genuine Oud oil perfume. Aren't we generous? 
  • What can you do which this oil? Well, you can study its scent profile or simply pour it into your perfume to boost the oud scent.
  • Eventually, what you got to lose except adding this to cart and check out :))