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Incense seller in Australia

Grandawood is an agarwood and sandalwood incense online store in Australia. We produce high-quality agarwood and sandalwood incense sticks, which are perfect for use in meditation, aromatherapy, or simply to enjoy the beautiful fragrance. Our agarwood incense is made from genuine agarwood chips, while our sandalwood incense is made from sandalwood powder by Shoyeido. Both types of incense are slow burning and release a delicate, woody aroma when burned. Grandawood incense is perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in any well-ventilated room.

There are no fragrant or essential oils in our incense. Our main incense ingredients are ground Agarwood and Sandalwood. It means that the shelf life is infinite. Better yet, our incense aroma is improving with age.

Incense stick

With Bamboo core

Grandawood stocks incense made with a bamboo core and a mix of pre and post-distilled agarwood powder. We use no fragrance oils, so there's no tear in your eyes when burning. We only use a natural binder (Litsea Glutinosa), and our Agarwood incense powder Agarwood is a fragrant wood used in incense, perfume, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's also called aloeswood, agalwood, or eaglewood. The tree produces a dark resin when infected with a fungus. This resin is highly prized for its scent. It has a deep, woody, and sweet smell. It is used to pray and perform your daily ritual.

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Without Bamboo core

There are various aromas to choose from regarding plant-derived incense powder. You can find faint scents, strong scents, and everything in between. The scent comes from the plants themselves, so you know they're natural and pure. There is no need to worry about additives or anything like that because these incense packs come from brands with a long history.

Shoyeido is a Japanese incense brand that has been in business for over 300 years. The company produces high-quality incense made from natural ingredients. Shoyeido's products are used in meditation, aromatherapy, and simply to enjoy the beautiful fragrance.

Grandawood is an Agarwood-specialised brand in Australia. Its founders, Trent and Liliane, have relatives in Vietnam who have been Agarwood growers and incense manufacturers for decades.

You will find two of our incense collections:



Agarwood incense recommendation

The best part about Grandawood Awareness incense is that it is made from genuine cultivated Agarwood. This means that you are getting a product that is top quality and without any fillers or sawdust. Each stick of Grandawood incense can burn for up to 30 minutes, and there are approximately 70 sticks in each pack. This means you can enjoy this incense's calming and tranquil benefits for a long time. The Grandawood Awareness incense collection is a great way to discover the many benefits of this type of incense. From its ability to help you relax and calm down, to its beautiful scent, Grandawood Awareness incense is a great choice for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional scented candles. You will notice the aroma is from the raw material instead of the essential oils.

Discover Awareness Agarwood incense here.

Sandalwood incense sticks recommendation

There is something about the scent of Shoyeido King of Aroma incense that just feels luxurious. Perhaps it's the sandalwood, which has been prized for centuries for its warm, woody aroma. Or maybe the blend of herbs gives the incense a subtle but complex flavour. Whatever the reason, burning a stick of Shoyeido King of Aroma incense is a truly relaxing experience. The scent fills the room with a feeling of warmth and serenity, transporting you to another time and place. If you're looking for incense to help you relax and unwind, Shoyeido King of Aroma is definitely worth trying.

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Smudge sticks

Smudge sticks are bundles of dried herbs that are burned for their aromatic properties. Sage, cedar, and lavender are the most common herbs used in smudge sticks. These sticks are lit, and the smoke is wafted around the room to purify the air and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Our sticks are made from Agarwood and pulverised herbs blend, then bonded into incense sticks using natural adhesive. Click here to shop and add to your shopping cart.


If you want something a little more energizing, agarwood incense could be perfect. With so many scents to choose from, You can find the perfect one for your needs.


Incense cones

We also offer agarwood incense cone. Cones are perfect for those who want to enjoy the fragrance and the visual of backflow. Simply light the cone and place it in an incense holder. The cone will smoulder and release the scent into the air. After a few minutes, you can fan out the flame and enjoy the beautiful fragrance of agarwood.

You will find our Agarwood Incense Cones here.


Incense accessories

You will need an incense holder to hold our stick while burning. Click here for our incense accessories.

Incense sticks delivery

All stocks are in Australia. We will pack your order and ship from Coopers Plains 4108 to your address.


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