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Heaven-scent Aroma - What you smell you will not believe

A gift from the jungle 

An ancient woody aroma discovery will instantly boost your mood. 

My family are agarwood farmers. And I am going to share with you an exciting story about this unique aromatic plant.

Around 15 years ago, one afternoon, a hunter came to our plantation and showed us some plant seeds. He told us that these seeds were from a tall wild Aquilaria tree in the jungle.

From a giant mother tree in the jungle, these seeds looked different; they were larger, darker and shinier than the ordinary Aquilaria seeds. They looked great! So we bought these seeds from the hunter and started planting them. We hoped one day, these seeds would be as big as the wild mother tree. And because the forest that the hunter went to was foggy and misty, we decided to name our trees - the Misty Forest.

(Grandawood's Agarwood plantation)

Decades later, these Misty Forest trees grew big under our care. It was time to create something extraordinary - agarwood.

If you have not heard of agarwood before, it is the defending mechanism of an Aquilaria tree.

Think of the tree as a country and agarwood as an elite group of soldiers. When invaders attack a country, these elite soldiers will fight against them.  When the Aquilaria tree is attacked, it produces agarwood “soldiers” to defend itself. Agarwood is the resin of the Aquilaria tree.


(An Aquilaria tree in our plantation)

Here is the problem, if there is no attack, there will be no defence.

And when there is no defence, there is no agarwood.

To create Misty Forest agarwood, we started wounding these Misty Forest trees. In the next 24 months of defending and healing the wounds, agarwood in these trees spread out in the bodies and branches of the trees. We have enough agarwood to turn them into the oud oil that many people have been craving.


However, we do not rush to distil oil like other farmers do because we do not want to create ordinary oil. We want to make an addictive Misty Forest oud oil for agarwood lovers. Rest assured, we have taken no shortcut.

At Grandawood, we have checked these agarwood woods for their oil content. Only the one that is heavy and dense enough will pass through the next stage. The rest will be wholesaled to other vendors who would classify these agarwood woods at their facility.


Next step, we pulverise these woods to prepare for distillations. And to distil oud oil, we are going to use water- collected from a local spring. This water will give the oil a particular characteristic and flavours.

We pour this spring water in our pulverised Misty Forest Agarwood containers and soak them for several days.

Then we check the container to ensure they were airtight to limit bacterial growth. We also checked the temperature to ensure it did not spoil the precious wood. 

Then we start "cooking."

See the golden liquid? That is our agarwood oil. It will be transparent after curing.

After the distillation, we cured them to ensure all the water evaporated, leaving—the thick golden liquid - Misty Forest Agarwood oil.

“You will drop your jaw at the moment you smell it. And then you will be amazed by its purity and supreme woodiness.” 

Our first impression of this oil is a lovely refreshing note on top of a complicated woodsy base. Slightly sour, woody and dried fruit sweet but extremely pleasant to wear.

Put a small dab on your shirt sleeve and experience the long-lasting scent. Whenever you feel stressed, take a sniff and feel relaxed instantly, and it will keep you going.

Want to share the woodiness with everyone? No worry, a drop to your aromatherapy diffuser will work wonder. Your room will turn into a holy, sacred place with this divine aroma.


100% pure cultivated oil. No addictive,  just pure steam distillation oud oil.

 One of the finest cultivated agarwood (oud) oil ever distilled, no barnyard, but pleasantly sweet! It evokes your mind.

Close your eyes and imagine heaven; this oil will take you there.

What does it make you feel? "Young and Uplifting" and a bit of mysterious "Misty Forest."

The quality of this oil is very close to wild agarwood (oud) oil and may even surpass some.

I am not saying that to please you, and this is the feedback of many actual users.


What so special about this oud?

For 198 customers who tried this oil before, you know how difficult it is to use words to describe the smell. Many of you were merely stunned and could only say "excellent". 

I will try to make it worth your while to change your mind for those who have not tried. Let me explain:


It is the material that counts


People often mentioned the revolution of technology would make life better. Many times, they try to synthesise this oud in the lab but have not been successful. That makes you wonder why?

It is because they are not able to at this point at this time.

The main difference in this agarwood is the method of infection. After 12 years of growing these trees, we, the agarwood growers, axe them multiple times. Then we do the unthinkable...

We literally "rub salt in the wound".

 "Salt" is made with an " organic juice, a trade secret liquid made in the kitchen " containing pineapple.

  • It is non-toxic.
  • The ants love it,
  • The termites also love it.

They build the tunnel in the tree. See the red mark below.



Why am I telling you this?

You see, most of the time, people use insecticides to keep these pests away, and you will see no trace of them. You will never see this image because any commercial plant growers will hide it. 

However, we bring it to your attention, but we also tell you there are insects in our trees.


Because if there are insects,  there will not be pesticides or any harmful substances

Let us show you some behind the scene images.


Trees are wounded by axing.


Do you see the contrast between white wood and dark resinous wood (the brown part is agarwood)
It is not one year, two years.
It is not five years.
No, it is not ten years.
But 12 years.


12 years worth of time to get the suitable material



Another 168 hours of labour, and aged for 12 months to achieve this incredible smell

 After distilling this precious oil, we decided to share it with you. As the quantity is very limited, it is not enough to distribute to specialty and department stores. You will only find it here.

Only a few people can get this incredible oud oil.

This is NOT a mass-produced oil.

It takes a tremendous effort to distil and craft the Misty Forest Oud oil. For that reason, we only get a few kg of them per year. 

We take no shortcut to ensure its supreme purity.

We guarantee it is genuine with our Double Money Back Guarantee. If you bring it to any lab that could test agarwood oil, if it is not pure, we will return $2 for every $1 that you spent.  

It would be your experience one of a lifetime

How to enjoy this oil

According to many essential oil guidebooks, agarwood oil is safe to apply externally.

We value your safety, and please try a small dab on your wrist to ensure no adverse reaction. 

To enjoy this oil is simple, dab a tiny bit of the Misty Forest on your wrist or behind your ears. You can treat it as an oil perfume.


Just in case you do not quite "feel" the oil, dab it in a small cotton pad or a piece of napkin. Put the cotton pad or napkin close to you within 40 cm, and you will experience many breezes of this aromatic oud oil for days.

The oil will evolve after one minute or two. You will experience different accords in the next 5 minutes. Eventually, it will dry down to vanillic woodiness.

How good is this oud smell 

If you like what you read so far, just wait until you breathe into your nose the beautiful accords that you have ever tried: sweet, piquant, spicy, woody Misty Forest Agarwood oil ! Not just one dab or two. But a 1.5 ml of this luscious beauties, carefully distilled by us in our agarwood plantation.

Due to limited space, I will only include two feedbacks so you can have an idea what it is like

(I have 28 written testimonials and hundreds of oral compliments for this special oud oil, I can provide to you up on request.) 



There are three most popular available sizes.

1) 0.5ml:

If this is the first time you have heard of it and you are still on the fence. I will recommend this 0.5ml option. After you try this, you may come back for more.

2) 1.5ml

If you like what you read so far and love using essential oils, this is a good option.

(Pictures: 2 of 1.5 ml Lab Vials)

The precious oil is stored in a high-quality lab vial that you can use it every day for many days. A tiny dab will work wonderfully.

It comes with FREE Shipping for all orders in Australia.

3) 3ml

The most valuable option, and it also comes with a luxurious solid crystal bottle. 

(the dabber is glass - not plastic)


It is for yourself to enjoy, or you can gift it to your loved one.

The elegant appearance of the bottle will complement the pure oud oil nicely.

You are still thinking: Is it worth the price?

I know what you are thinking "It is too expensive" or "What a rip off!"

I agree because usually, essential oil does not cost that much.

However, this is no ordinary oil that can be grown by any farmers

Remember, it takes skills and dedication and 12 years and several hundred hours of our time from start to finish.


During these 12 years, we care for the trees. We spend time monitoring the growth. We ensure agarwood are forming. 

My friend, during these 12 years, as the Aquilaria trees are growing and agarwood are forming, we do not harvest them until they are mature enough. It means we have no income from these trees during this time.

If the trees died, it would be on us. If there is no agarwood, it would be on us. We are taking risks here to make agarwood sustainable and available for you. 

For just $49.56, less than 3 hours of the minimum wages here in Australia, you can experience the heaven-scent that takes 12 years to make. You are buying 12 years of our time.

So is it worth the price? I leave the answer for you.


P/S: I have more than just the Misty Forest, in case you want to discover more environmentally friendly and sustainable agarwood oil, click here for our collection