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  • Do you wish to raise fund for your local Buddhist Temple, Hindu Temple, Church or Mosque?
  • Do you have a religious gift store or a place to display fundraising items for visitors?
  • Are you looking for something meaningful for both of you and your visitors? Somethings that bring emotions and positive energy to you
  • When someone makes a large donation, would you like to offer them something valuable in return?
  • Are you running regular classes for your visitors and want them to keep coming and remembering what you teach?

If yes is the answer Grandawood's Agarwood incenses and chips may be a relevant choice for you. If you are in Brisbane, we can schedule a call to see if we are a good fit for your purpose

As you are all aware, agarwood has been used for centuries and mentioned in all religious script. It makes sense to offer something relevant to your visitors to excite them, to make them keep coming back.

Contact Trent on email info@grandawood.com.au