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Discovery Agarwood products

💓Trees should be loved, hugged and protected.💓
🌲Trees should be planted healthily.🌲
In general, the healthier the trees, the more valuable they become

What if we told you that there was one exception to the rule, one species which required the exact opposite to be valuable. We love the damages done to it. We love to wound it, to injure it, to make it painful. We encourage insects to attack it; we drill multiple holes in the tree. In short, we try to wound it, so it defends itself. During this healing process, a fantastic thing happens, a precious substance was formed by the tree to fight against the attacks, and diseases, this substance is known as agarwood only created by wounded Aquilaria tree.

The story is a metaphor to our life. We experience toughness in our lives. If we gave up, we lost the fight. However, just like this Aquilaria tree, we stay strong and fight back despite the odds being stacked against us. Not only we survive, but also we thrive. We create our own “Agarwood” in our lives.

When it is healthy, when there are no pains, no wounds, no injuries, Aquilaria is worthless, like firewood
In adverse conditions, it thrives and survives. It develops agarwood, known as Wood of God mentioned in the Bible, Quran, and Buddhist Scriptures.
There are three main products made from agarwood: Agarwood incense, Agarwood chips, and Agarwood oil.