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Agarwood Products Wholesale

  • Have you been looking for Agarwood Oil as an ingredient for your own cosmetic brand, skin care or perfume production?
  • Have you been letting down constantly because of counterfeit agarwood products, especially agarwood oil?
  • You are new to Agarwood (Oud) and unsure where to start? 
  • Are you looking for trusted suppliers? growers? Someone who communicates, someone who knows the products?
  • You don't have the time or resources to travel around. However, you wish to visit an agarwood plantation site in one day to find out more about what we can do for you.
  • Your oud cosmetic line or perfumes are selling very well and all of the sudden, you are told by the suppliers that they are unable to get you the same oud scent profile again because of a,b,c, and d

You come to the right place because

  1. We have our own plantations in Vietnam (around 1000 acres) with over 120,000 infected Aquilaria trees (Agarwood)
  2. We also cooperate with our industrial partners with Thailand and Laos, with over 200,000 infected Aquilaria trees (Agarwood)
  3. We do not test our products on animal

We will be making our products available easily for you to access

If you want to find out if we could be a good fit and how you can make your brand more luxurious, please contact or schedule a call with us.


Agarwood Oil

 If you are making perfume either as a hobby or a professional, you have some selections per below

In short: 

Oud Evergreen: peppery, spicy, leathery, sweet and woody

Oud Smooth Thai: smooth, honey-sweet, floral, and woody

Middle Easterner: similar to Oud Smooth but was fermented in a controlled environment to achieve an addictive barnyard. This was created per Middle Eastern customers

What do we recommend? Oud Evergreen and Oud smooth as these two works well with some essential oils such as Rose, bergamot and sandalwood. If you blend with these essential oils, you will achieve a strong ouddy perfume

Please note, order over 500ml will require a lead time of 1.5 weeks.

Payment method: Bank Transfer prefered

Payment by Paypal and Credit Cards will attract a 3.5%


Agarwood Incense

Made with our own genuine cultivated agarwood from our own plantation, not fragrance oil submerged incenses with saw dust.