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Awareness - Grandawood Cultivated Agarwood Incense 沉香香


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Awareness Incense - Made With Double Agarwood Chips for Double Pleasure

Introducing Awareness Incense, an extraordinary sensory experience meticulously crafted with Double Agarwood Chips for twice the pleasure.

Let the enchanting sweet vanillic aroma of the finest Agarwood envelop your senses and elevate your mind to new heights of awareness.

The delicate, thin smoke of our Awareness Incense ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience with no tears or irritation to your eyes. We take pride in our pure, unadulterated Agarwood aroma, free of bitter notes and added fragrance oils.

Our exceptional Agarwood is sourced from our very own plantation in Dong Xoai Binh Phuoc, a lush highland region in Vietnam where the ideal climate and mineral-rich, alluvial soil create the perfect conditions for Aquilaria trees to flourish. The resin produced in this unique environment boasts a spicy, woody flavour that is truly unparalleled.

At Grandawood, we are committed to excellence. My brother and his dedicated team carefully select only the finest Double Agarwood grade chips for our incense, ensuring that each stick meets our exacting standards. We meticulously avoid any resinless wood or white wood that could compromise the purity and intensity of our Agarwood aroma.

Discover the captivating essence of Awareness Incense and let the authentic Agarwood experience transport you to a state of heightened consciousness. With our unwavering commitment to quality, we are confident that after just a few uses, you'll be able to distinguish the premium from the sub-par ones.

Indulge in the unparalleled aroma of Awareness Incense and experience the double pleasure of our Double Agarwood Chips. Elevate your senses, transform your ambience, and embark on a transcendent journey with Grandawood.

If you stay with me until the end, you will learn more about how we make this aromatic Agarwood incense.

The Awareness Incense

Our Auilaria trees are in the background, our sustainable Agarwood source.

A client's story

In the bustling heart of the city, where the hum of construction was the soundtrack to Lee's daily life, there was a single, grounding passion that transcended the noise: the burning of fragrant Agarwood incense. Lee, a skilled construction worker with a keen olfactory sense, found solace in the heady aroma as it transported him to ancient forests and distant lands, far from the city's chaos.

Lee's quest to find the perfect incense had led him down countless alleys and into the labyrinthine world of online shopping, sampling a myriad of well-established brands that boasted a variety of Agarwood scents. Although they offered a certain level of satisfaction, Lee was left yearning for more, the elusive, woody, vanillic essence that he knew Agarwood chips could deliver. Instead, his senses were overwhelmed by the cacophony of spices, resins, and the mere suggestion of Agarwood – a teasing, barely-there whisper in the midst of the symphony.

Disillusioned by the deceit of vendors claiming to sell the purest Agarwood incense, Lee's dreams of finding the perfect aroma grew increasingly distant. But fate had a plan, and one day, a friend recommended Awareness Incense, with a wink and a promise that it would change Lee's life forever.

Scepticism gnawed at him, but when the parcel arrived, a single whiff made his heart race. Finally, there it was – the enchanting, sweet, vanillic scent of Agarwood that had eluded him for so long. It felt like a reunion with a long-lost friend, and without even lighting the incense, Lee knew that his search was over.

Emboldened by the discovery, Lee's love for Agarwood deepened, and his passion ignited the curiosity of others. Thanks to him, many of his friends were captivated by the mystical allure of Awareness Incense – a treasure that promised to awaken the senses and envelop the heart in the sublime embrace of Agarwood's enchanting melody.

The smoke is thin, so there is no tear in his eyes. There are no bitter notes because there is no added fragrance oil.

Lee is surprised to learn that this incense has only two ingredients: Agarwood and the odourless natural incense binding Litsea.

Dramatic difference

Our Agarwood is not ordinary. It comes from our Agarwood plantation in Dong Xoai Binh Phuoc-  a highland with a hilly topography area in Vietnam. In Dong Xoai, the temperature is high, around 27 Celcius. It is high humidity and abundant sunlight. The soil in our plantation is red and alluvial soil rich in minerals and nutrients. Aquilaria trees thrive in this weather, and its developed resin has a spicy, woody flavour that is like no other.



My brother and his team are dedicated to using only the finest Agarwood that meets our strict criteria, ensuring a premium incense experience like no other.

The first step in the selection process involves checking the Agarwood content. Our team uses exclusively Double Agarwood grade for crafting this incense. They meticulously avoid any piece with Agarwood formed only on one side or those containing non-resinous white wood between Agarwood layers. This white wood, known as "ngậm cơm" in Vietnamese, dilutes the exquisite Agarwood aroma when pulverized into powder. While other vendors may compromise on this aspect, at Grandawood, we refuse to use such material in our incense. We are confident that after just a few tries, you'll develop a discerning sense and appreciate the distinction between premium and sub-standard incense.


Front side: Both have Agarwood resin

Backside: only the top is selected to make incense. We will not choose the bottom piece because it contains little Agarwood.


Additionally, we avoid using Agarwood from burrs, or tree lumps, as these cannot be ground evenly, resulting in an inconsistent incense quality. Though they may be suitable for decorative purposes, we do NOT use burrs in our incense-making process.


Agarwood is outside, but there is wood inside. The inside wood content does not have a vanillic woody smell, so we will not use this wood to make incense.


Once the finest Agarwood has been selected, it is carefully ground into a fine powder. The team then combines it with Litsea, a natural and odourless adhesive, and water to create a smooth incense paste. This paste is expertly processed through our incense-making machine, crafting the exquisite sticks you know and love.

But our dedication to quality doesn't stop there. The incense is then allowed to dry and age for at least three months before being released to our customers. This vital aging process allows the Awareness Incense to develop a smooth, woody essence that you'll undoubtedly fall in love with. Trust in Grandawood to deliver an unparalleled Agarwood experience.



Try our incense today and experience the difference.

Bonus tips: this incense continues to develop while you store them away. If you keep it for over 6 months, you will find the aroma smoother, sweeter and woodier. 


Burn this incense in your tea ceremony

You can burn this incense during Kung Fu tea or a tea ceremony.

You will find that the tea tastes better and is more aromatic.



--- From our forest to your home ---

Awareness Agarwood incense is crafted exclusively from our authentic cultivated agarwood chips, sourced directly from Aquilaria trees grown by our own families. Unlike most incense on the market that utilizes sawdust dipped in the fragrance oil, which results in an unpleasant burning note, our incense is created with care and precision to ensure a superior experience.

The difference is clear: Awareness Incense, made from pulverised oud chips and combined with an undetectable, plant-based adhesive, produces a soothing aroma without the harshness often associated with conventional incense.

Our commitment to quality extends to the "glue" that binds the incense together. While some manufacturers use adhesives with undesirable scents that detract from the overall experience, we use our scentless Litsea Glutinosa, providing an unparalleled sensory journey.

Our super-thin incense sticks may seem fragile, but their delicate design offers two significant benefits: a longer burn time and just the right amount of scent. Thicker sticks can produce overwhelming smoke and a less pleasing aroma. Each of our slender sticks burns for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, with around 30-45 sticks (10g) in total per tube. This offers you an impressive 1000 minutes of burning time, or approximately 17 hours, to savour and enjoy the enchanting essence of Awareness Incense.

Elevate your senses and experience the difference that genuine cultivated agarwood chips, meticulous craftsmanship, and dedication to quality can make. Choose Awareness Incense and indulge in the soothing, harmonious ambience it creates. Make the wise decision to invest in the incense that truly stands apart from the rest.


***Please note we weigh incense by gram as we believe this is more accurate than the number of sticks***