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The Zen Path - Sweet Woody - Pure Oud Oil - Try this and fall in love

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“Stink” Oud has let down Sufian, and it gives him a headache.

Sufian lives in Oman, and he is an Oud collector. He loves clean Oud oil, but quite often, he still detects a bit of “animalic”, “pungent”, and “cheesy” smell.

For many people in the Middle East, pungent, barnyard oud is heaven, so most of the Oud oils sold there have this scent profile. Unfortunately for Sufian, that is a challenge because he does not like this pungent, cheesy, decomposed odour of oud oil.

He is a simple man, and he is sensitive to the strong odour. He loves sweet, oudy scents with non-barnyard odour. Clean, sweet woody aroma suits him well.

Last week, he saw an expensive Oud oil from a vendor listed on a marketplace. This listing said, “pure Dehn Al Oud with woody smell”. So he bought it.

He ordered this oud and waited for 2 weeks. Once the parcel arrived, he called his friend over, and they shared.

The Oud was overwhelming for him; it had a strong fermented animalic scent. While his friend enjoyed it, he walked away because it caused him a headache. He ended up giving his friend the entire bottle as his friend appreciated the scent, but he did not.

His requirement was simple: Sweet Woody Oud, absolutely no barnyard.  Yet, he rarely found the right oud for him for many years. He saw many commercial ads; he tried many and was let down by many. They are either too pungent or adulterate Oud oil.

He thinks if it is really possible to get a simple Oud that smells sweet and pleasant, that has no other odour that causes him a “headache”.

Through a review online, Sufian found Grandawood and asked if we had anything for him.

As he had been let down many times, he doubted we had what he wanted. Besides, the price of this oil Zen Path is halved compared to many of his past unhappy purchases. 

But he decided to give this oil Zen Path ago, which was the right decision.

5 days later, Sufian received a package.

He could not believe it was his nose. He invited his friend over, the one he gifted his expensive oud oil.


He wanted to ensure the aromatic oil was not from his imagination. So he called his friend for a second opinion. 

Sufian's friend told him that he could only feel the woodiness and sweetness in this new oil Zen Path. Although Sufian's friend preferred pungent oud, he also enjoyed this oil.

Finally, Sufian found what he always wanted, with half of the price he paid for.

About 100% pure Oud oil Zen Path


Aquilaria Sinesis

Made: Supercritical CO2 extraction:

The wood resin is double compared to hydro or steam distilled, resulting in a super sweet woody note. It is much less volatile and unlikely to cause a "headache" attack.

Extracted from two different types of agarwood

Two types of Agarwood are used to make this super clean, sweet, woody oud oil.

Both are from Hainan Island

  • One is sweeter than another.

  • One is woodier than the other.

We combined these two in a distilling pot, resulting in a phenomenon. Super Clean Sweet Woody Oud Oil

Scent Profile: What to expect from this oil

First, apply a hint of wood, but let it develop.  

Within 5 minutes, the sweet woody notes surface.

The scent is very soothing, sweet and woody, and it remains for many days on a cotton pad and clothes or several hours on the skin.


If you want an Oud oil that smells clean, sweet, aromatic wood, this oil is for you.