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Wild Agarwood Chips Do Xi A+ Quang Ngai


A Mountain Town at District: Tra Bong, Ward: Tra Son

Imagine yourself in a small town of only 5000 people, nestled in the stunning Quang Ngai Province. The air is crisp and cool, but fear not - the locals have a secret remedy to keep warm. They cut tiny pieces of fragrant cinnamon and hold them in their mouths, creating a warm and cozy feeling that spreads throughout their bodies. And that's just the beginning - this town has so much to offer. The majority of its residents are Co Ho, a fascinating and unique ethnic group, and the scenic beauty of the area will take your breath away. While it may be underdeveloped, don't let that fool you - this town is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by visitors and new residents alike.

Source: doanhnhanplus.vn

There's a little-known secret hiding in this mountain town, and it goes by the name of Agarwood.

For years, locals have attempted to grow this valuable tree, only to meet disappointment and heartbreak when their Aquilaria trees withered and died after two decades of tending.

Despite their best efforts, some trees never even produced a single trace of precious agarwood.

Many have given up hope entirely, but the allure of this valuable commodity still beckons. The attraction of this rare and valuable Agarwood still calls out to people, even though it has been difficult for many to grow successfully. Despite the challenges, the potential rewards are so great that people are still tempted to try and grow it

Who would be the one to crack the code and unlock the mysteries of agarwood in this rugged, mountainous terrain?

Many people failed, and so did he, but something happened when he gave up...

Among them is a farmer L, who has been growing Aquialaria trees for many years, but there was no agarwood. 

Just like other people, he was frustrated, angry and sad. He has been working for 12 years and got nothing out of it.

He kept checking days in and days out, and there was nothing but the low-value white wood.

He thought he should get a bulldozer to bulldoze everything.

Disappointed, he slashed his axe at many trees. To his surprise, one of the trees has agarwood. He took a closer look and found there were many insects in the tree, especially ants.

He then drilled multiple holes in each tree, inserting his “ant foods” to attract ants forming colonies in his trees. He has been monitoring his trees and his ant friends for years.

Finally, he cracked open many of his Aquilaria trees, and he found Agarwood. We named it A+


And my friend, A is for ants, and "+ plus" means quality. 

Getting our hands on these chips is a challenge because Tra Bong is a remote town. The infrastructure is way underdeveloped.

However, the love of agarwood brought them to us, and we are pleased to make them available for you to experience one of a lifetime.


Would you like someone to stay a bit longer and enjoy their time with you?

If you had special guests seeing you either for a chat or business matters, then you would like to burn these oud chips to enlighten their moods and yours.

They would love to stay longer to enjoy this holy aroma

Remember some days, there were some keynote speakers to talk about some specific topics for hours. Most of the time, good food will be provided, so attendees were so keen just because of the food.

Burning these chips will have the same effect. Believe me, when your guests, your audiences or clients smell this, they will not want to miss your class.

I got some clients who invested in these chips for spiritual cleansing and communicating to their Gods. 

I also have a gentleman in his 70s who lived alone. He would heat these chips whenever he had a visitor or a small family gathering at his place. He told me that sharing good things will make the good times last and memorable. 

On weekdays, when he was alone, he lit up the charcoal and placed these chips on top. The sweet vanillic smoke arose, and he sat back on his couch. With the windows open, he looked out the garden and enjoyed his time every moment and the good old time.


About this Do Xi Agarwood Chips:

  • Size:  a piece is around 3 to 5 cm on average, perfectly seated on an electric burner or charcoal, so you do not have to break them up when burning it.
  • Evenly distributed agarwood, consistent, pleasant oud smoke when heated with a mica plate.
  • Milky, Creamy, vanillic sweet ouddy 


Although this is wild agarwood, it comes from a sustainable source. Our partner, who also had a large piece of land in Tra Bong Quang Ngai, has also been cultivating agarwood for decades. Inside his estate, many wild Aquilaria trees are decades old.

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