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December 27, 2020 3 min read

Is it really possible to carry the aroma of burning agarwood chip with you?

Yes it is really. Literally, you can put it in your pocket. Stay with me til the end and I will show you how.


But first, let me start with Dave's story


Dave has tried our Emptiness agarwood chips and he loves them. He wants to carry this aroma with him.


At home, he has been using charcoal dish or electric incense heater to heat these chips. He loves this sweet-spicy vanillic smell.

Some times, he travels to work and he wants this smell which makes him felt at home. 

But he faces some challenges: 

Bringing charcoal, incense holder, ceramic incense heater with electric core when travelling, could be messy and inconvenient. For example, you might burn a hole on the carpet, or damage a table in a hotel room. It is also dangerous when kids are around. Safety is the first priority for Dave, he does not want to risk it.

Charcoal and electric incense heater are great. But when it comes to travel, the thought of setting them up makes he think again. A big risk for the pleasure of agarwood aroma? 

If you are like Dave, you will understand how inconvenient it is.

What if it does not have to be this way?


What if you can enjoy the heating agarwood chip without the hassle of bringing all the accessories with you, would it be great?

Yes, it would.



Introduce: the pocket incense burner Kodutu

The portable, battery-operated incense heater

You can put this unit in your pocket. It stands 10.5 cm tall with a diameter of 5cm.

The power is at your finger. 

Fragrant wood: Mysore Sandalwood and Agarwood are precious. With the use of this wonderful unit, you only need a tiny piece of 0.25cm to 1cm of material to enjoy.

This unit is 3-minute-on and it will be off. You can turn it on again when you need a whiff aroma from the fragrant wood

Because of the heating time is 3 minutes, you are in total control. You can turn on and off anytime

With this unit, you can create Agarwood aroma in demand, turn it on with a tiny piece of wood chip on the top (0.5 cm to 1cm) relax and enjoy.

Save money

When it comes to agarwood chips, less is more. Sometimes, you only want a whiff of it. With charcoal, you cannot just "turn it off" immediately. If the chips "ran" out of juices on the charcoal, you feel like you should put more chips because you do not want to waste the burning charcoal. And the moment you do it, you use more chips than you intend to.

If the charcoal stop burning and you still want some aroma, you burn more charcoal. But what if you just want a little bit of agarwood smell? Burning a new brisk of charcoal and then let the charcoal burn off?

Either way, you use more than you want to. With this unit, you are in control, all you need to do is turn on and off. You can heat a 1cm woodchip multiple times until its juice run out. 

Agarwood chips are precious, and if you want to save them for later use, then consider this pocket burner.

Personally, I have been using this unit for 5 years. I am still using it to heat my agarwood chips.

It not only saves me time, money but also agarwood chips. I use exactly what I need and when I need precisely. It is a wonderful tool to have. 

This pocket burner helps Dave to carry agarwood smoke whenever he goes

With the current use of this pocket burner, Dave has been carrying this around whenever he is travelling.

He told me that over the past few months, he has been

  1. Saving precious agarwood chips with this pocket burner. He explained to me that in the past, whenever he heated Oud, he used a charcoal disc. The issue was charcoal was too hot, it "burnt" the chips. 
  2. Saving time: He does not need to wait for the charcoal to get hot to start, he does not need to wait for the charcoal to get cold to stop. With Kodutu, this pocket burner, he can turn on and off and experience the oud chips instantly
  3. Saving money: He buys less chips from me (and from other vendors too) because he can enjoy longer time with less chips used

You can check it out here



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