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March 29, 2018 2 min read

Durian candy or jelly? You would be upset as later found out only durian flavour in it but not the actual fruit.Why are they called Durian Candy? 

  • Because durian is $20 per 100 gram (skinless), it sounds delicious but if there is any actual fruit in it, the candy price would be too expensive to sell

Strawberry juice? It contains only 10% actual strawberry with 90% apple juice, Why are they called strawberry juice?

  • Because generally, strawberry is more expensive than apple, strawberry juice sounds more attractive than apple juice.

"What is your point" you may ask?

  • Many products claimed or labelled:  "Oud (Oudh) body spray", "Oud (Oudh) body lotion", "Oud (Oudh) perfume", yet contain minimum or ZERO genuine Oud content. Some cosmetics are even mislabelled.

The word Agarwood or Oudh has been misused for a while as part of the description to grab your attention, then fail you again and again.

We heard you, we have been contemplating how to create a genuine Oud perfume and today, it is completed, well mostly. Proudly introduce

Oud Spirit- Glory Of the Pain

Currently, there are two versions

  1. Alcohol-based: Classic method of perfume making.This option will give you a big hit of citrus upfront, and the scent evolves quickly with bergamot, ouddy woody.This option is available for orders within Australia only. Alcohol-based perfume is classified as dangerous good, Flammable Liquid Class 3. Ground Transport only. Unfortunately, there will be no express shipping
  2. Alcohol-FREE based: We heard you, as there are many Muslim Agarwood Oud (Oudh) users and alcohol is not allowed in Islam. This option will suit you best. International customers, this option is for you.

There are more for you:

  • Both full package version will come with a complement 0.5 ml of our cultivated Pure Agarwood Oil of your choice: Evergreen Oud or Smooth Oud Thai (an extra $28 worth of value). Aren't we generous and genuine? YES WE ARE :))

The packaging is being made and nearly completed. The Alcohol FREE based option is also finalised and being produced. Please stay still. You are welcome to pre-order and take advantage of 20% off the retail price. The product will be made fully available on 19.04.18, hopefully, available this page only. 5ml samples order will be ship as soon as possible, the full package will be shipped on or after 19.04.18

Here is a sneak peak of the scent accords, credited to Mr Rob from Scent Gent, who will kindly provide a review later on

 ENJOY :))


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