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Oud perfume? Where is the Oud note?

January 31, 2017 2 min read

If you tried any Oud perfume, from niche, high-end to to Synthetic Oud aftershave, could you discover the Oud note?

Believe it or not, try to approach the sale or beauty expert, consultant to show you "where" the Oud scent was? Most of them could not.

We have seen 5-year experience consultant who was asked the same questions, then pulled out the already burn Agarwood Oud (bakhoor) which has strong synthetic scent and claimed that was rare ingredient and had been aged for long time. 

That manager is quite common, you can walk around any department stores, especially in Australia and ask the very same question: "What does Oud smell like?" 

To enjoy artisan-crafted Oud Oil fully, it is best to sniff it in its purest form without any adulterant as the scent evolve itself during a period of time. Generally, agarwood oils are mixtures of sesquiterpenes, oxygenated sesquiterpenes,oxygenated phenyls, carboxylic, and carbonyl hydrocarbons.

A good Agarwood (Oud) oil could last up to six months in a clean cotton. As there is no 2-batch could be the same, wild agarwood oil is NOT ideal for perfume making but collectors only who appreciate every single drop of it. Similar to niche perfume, fine oil offers multi layer of scent. If it is steam-distilled, you would experience a smokey scent at first, followed by floral and woody.

For example


In contrast, cultivated agarwood (from farm) is quality consistent, could be produced at large quantity. The scent is less complicated than its wild version and therefore perfect for commercial production, perfume blending.



Try it yourself as it is a learning journey. The good thing is there is no expiration on Oud oil given proper storage provided (dark cool place)

The key here is patience. At first you might find it quite offensive to start with for its barnyard scent. However, the more you smell it and get used to it, you will find this is one of the best characteristic which people are looking for to smell it. Please note this is a very different aroma to "rotten wet socks". The below oil is intensively powerful, it has "goat" or  "sheep" or some "horse" smell but addictive one.


You might be shocked at its price but rest assure, this is well-worth it as this is the 5th batch we distilled. The aroma is slight different but the intense is almost the same as we are very strict on distilling material. And yes you are probably aware, Oud Oil is know as Liquid Gold ! Train your olfactory as Oud Oil is very complex and your scent recognition will improve dramatically. 

Enjoy the journey. 

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