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August 16, 2022 6 min read

What is an Oud smell?

Oud Or Agarwood (in Arabic ouddh) are highly valued by perfumeries for their sweet and woody flavours. It has an uplifting aroma. It is used as either oud oils (distilled from Agarwood) or resins (raw Agarwood). Oud oils are most commonly used for perfumes because they have tenacious woody base notes.

The scent of an oud is said to be very strong and can last for days on end. It is also used as an ingredient in many popular colognes.


It has a charming olfactory appearance that immediately attracts us. It has a woody smell enriched by many variations, from sweet earth to leathery notes and spices. This is determined by the tree species that makes its resin.

Source: self-taken Aquilaria Tree: Aquilaria Sinensis


Oud contains different varieties, and they have different aromas. The scent profile of pure oud oil (oudh oil) includes but does not limit to medicinal, spicy, cinnamon-like, nutty, almond, rich woody, fruity, floral, powdery, Agarwood, green, herbaceous, camphoraceous, balsam, and peppery. They could also be perceived as pungent, sharp, animalic, barnyard-like smells.

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What is Oud called in English?

Agarwood and the resins it produces are called العو (aleud) in Arabic and they were initially called Agarwood in the Arab countries. In the West, its uses in fragrances often mentioned agarwood oils under the names Oud and Oudh.


What is Oud used for?

Oud (or oudh) is prized highly by perfumers for its warm sweetness combined with woody and balsamic undertones. It's an alluring scent that is both aromatic and complex. It is perhaps one of the most used ingredients in luxurious perfume.

Oud is used to create long-lasting fragrances with a strong sillage. It is often used as a base note in perfumes, which means it can be detected hours after the initial application.


Why is Oud so rare?

The reason ouds (Agarwood) are expensive is their rarity: According to some reports and personal discussions with hunters, less than 2% of wild Aquilaria trees (sometimes called Agar trees) produce them. Experts say the finest Oud originates from the oldest trees, which are even rarer. The Agarwood chip is sold at 5000 English pounds – or more per kg if available.


What is the best oud smell?

There is no best oud smell. It depends on what you like and your experience with the scent. If the experience were positive, you would like the smell and vice versa. If the experience were negative, you would dislike the scent.

For example, you love the cheesy smell of mozzarella from the pizza or the blue cheese smell. You like the farm smell because you are close to the cattle. Then, you will likely love the barn-yard smell. Some Oud contains this scent profile, and you will likely.

The same smell could be offensive to someone who has never experienced cheese or been to a farm before.

However, most people like a woody smell, and if you have not tried oud oil before, you could try the one without any pungent or sharp notes. I would recommend a subtle, sweet, woody one. Click here to learn more about our Zen Path Oudh Oil (pure Agarwood oil) in our oud collection.


Is Oud an attractive smell?


The answer is subjective. Some people love the smell of oud, while others find it too strong or offensive. However, there is no denying that oud is a luxurious and costly ingredient used in many popular perfumes. Whether or not you find it attractive may depend on your personal preferences.


You may find it strange, but here is the conversation between a client and I


Client: "Any Oud that smells musky?"

Me: "Could you please tell me more about what you like?"

Client: "I like musk because it has urine smells. A bit of it and the attar is wonderful; too much of it and my lady will find it disgusting, a well-balanced one would be great."

Me: "So you like urine smell, don't you?"

Client: "Yes, I like the strong musky smell. This is for me."

In the end, I recommend that he should purchase the Siberia musk oil and mix it with Oud to get the concentration he wants. He realises that what he finds attractive is too offensive to his wife.


How is Oud oil different from perfume oil?

Oud oil is another word for Agarwood oil. Depending on the sellers' definition but at Grandawood, when we use Agarwood oil means 100% Pure Oudh oil.

Perfume oils are also known as attars. They are alcohol-free. They contain the perfumers' accords with different essential oils (or even synthetic oils).

Pure Oud oil could be an ingredient in Oud perfume oil.

What is pure perfume oil?

Pure perfume oils are concentrated essential oils (which could contain some synthetic oils) that do not contain any alcohol or other diluting agent. They are also sometimes called "undiluted" or "neat" perfume oils. Pure perfume oils are usually very strong, and only a few drops are needed to enjoy the fragrance. They can be used in various ways, including being added to a diffuser or applied directly to the skin.

Is Agarwood oil for man only?

Agarwood oil is for men and it is also for women.

No, Agarwood oil contains complex scent molecules. Ladies and gentlemen could both enjoy it.

Oudh oil is an ingredient in a fragrance for men and women. Perfumers could use Oudh oil to make their perfume masculine or feminine.


Can I use Oud oil on my skin?

Yes, but we recommend doing a patch test first to ensure that you are not allergic to the oil. To do a patch test, apply a small amount of the oil to a small area of your skin and wait several hours to see if there is any reaction. If there is no reaction, you should be safe to use the oil on your skin.


Dab, don't rub, click here to find out why


How much is the pure Oud?

In 2020, a kg of cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud oil) is between $10,000 USD to $18,000 USD, while Wild Oud oil is somewhere between $25,000 to $100,000 per kg.


True or false: the more expensive, the better the Oudh oil is?


This is tricky because there are many factors. The price of Oudh oil (Agarwood oil) depends on the following:

-Type of Oud tree

-The age of the tree

-The part of the world it's from

-The extraction process

So as you can see, many variables come into play regarding the price of Oud oil. Just because an Oud oil is expensive doesn't necessarily mean it is the best quality. It could just be that the tree is rare or from a sought-after region. Conversely, depending on the other factors, a lower cost of Oud oil could be just as good as a more expensive one.


How do I know if my Agarwood oil is pure?

The best way is to send the sample for GCMS testing.

GCMS stands for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. It is an analytical technique used to identify the composition of a sample by separating the components of the sample and then measuring the mass-to-charge ratio of the resulting ions.

However, this method may cost you several hundred dollars + Oud sample.

It will also takes several days or even weeks  to complete the test.

There is another low-cost way to know if your oil is blended with other oils, although the result is not 100% accurate. Click here to learn more.



Where to buy Agarwood oil in Australia

Oud oil is a luxurious and costly ingredient used in many popular perfumes. Whether or not you find it attractive may depend on your personal preferences. Oud has traditionally served as the base of perfume. Its woody fragrance has many nuances, from sweet to earthy, with hints of leather and spice.

You can shop our Oudh collections here in Australia (including Agarwood chips, incense, Oils and perfume)


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