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October 24, 2019 3 min read

I have a personal story would like to share with you.

Let's continue what was in the subject line. My friends and I were having dinner. Everyone was waiting for me as I arrived late.

On arrival, I walked to the reserved table and when I walked past the waitresses, actually 3, as they were on the way to serve other customers. 

When sitting down on my sit, one of my friends ask me.

"What have you been smoking, you looked 'high' and different today?"

"Nothing, John, I don't smoke, and you know that what made you said that?" - I asked

"Well, what did you put on you this time? I asked because you got some strange smell. By the way, not sure what it was but the waitresses were turning their heads when you walk through them."


Ohh, I remembered now, it must be the oud oil, I did darb it on my wrist and neck before going to the dinner. So I showed my wrist to him, there was a tiny, tiny mark of this oil on my sleeve.

"Smell it," I said. "is that the smell you are referring to?" 

"ohhhhhhhhhhh, what was that, where did you buy this?"

Before you know it, three other friends joined the conversation and asked me what perfume I wore,...and where they could buy it.

You could feel the energy on my table; they were high... really high. 

When I smell this oil, I felt so great and this positive energy transferred to my friends, who was around me which I have never experienced before

I feel appreciated, flattered, and high... very very high.

And no I am not smoking anything :) 

Would you like to experience this too? Remember the last email I sent you? Yes, the oil I tried called The Madness, the one made my friend asked me "What have I been smoking?" it has been finally completed. We put hundreds of hours into crafting this oil, and it is NOW ready.

It is not an easy task to describe how it smells, but it is creamy, strong, in fact, very very strong and intensive. No the kind of unpleasant one but the good, strong vibe, a positive one and it TURNS somebody's head :).




Imagine if you wear this oil, with an inviting aura, you walk with confidence, high-class, and the most important thing: you are likable instantly from the very first impression. How does this make you feel? :)

If you have a formal dress, a business suit, put a tiny darb on your sleeve (inside if you want it invisible), and experience what it could bring to you. 

Does it have to be on a suit for a formal dress?

No, it does not, but these two forms of clothing are usually not washed daily. Since this oil last, when you put it back to your closet or wardrobe, it will blossom, even more, enjoy the long-lasting experience.


There is another side story.

We have been making agarwood beads for a while, and we have been collecting dust.

"What dust?"

Well, agarwood beads are spheres (round shapes) and are sanded from agarwood cube, during this process, a lot of "debris" is created. So we have been gathered it for a while and cooked this new oil too. 

Wowww, I guessed this is the first email that I write it long because I want to share this with you.....

Still reading? Congratulation, if you are reading this far and to thank you for showing interest in this personal story I would like to present you the 2 oils to you:

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