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July 03, 2018 2 min read

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is for your information only. What works for me does not mean it will work for others as it depends on many factors. Please seek advice from professionals before starting any exercise program if you have health concerns. 

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This article is additional benefits have been discovered recently.


Let get started. To lose fat, people use resistant training with proper nutrition and rest.

There are countless articles, blogs, research journals supported that resistant training is necessary for strength and muscle growth.

If you worked out irregularly or tried on a new exercise intensively, you would experience DOMS.

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) usually occurs in 48 hours after a tough workout session, which is caused by myofibril tears. 

Active rest, massage and sleep will help you recover faster.

During sleep, protein synthesis occurs and with the availability of amino acids, 

Amino acids are the building blocks of your muscles it is essential for muscle repair and maintenance

So, how do we get amino acids? From complete protein through food intake, especially the essential ones which your body was not able to make.

What is a complete protein? It is a protein that provides all the essential amino acids that your body needs versus some (but not all) amino acids in an incomplete protein. Incomplete protein food can be consumed together to make complete protein food through different food intake — for example, a combination of legumes and seeds. 

Aquilaria leaves (Agarwood tea) contain essential amino acids which will assist with muscle building and body recovery.

 Source: Wang et all. (2016)


 So if you are a vegan, agarwood tea (Aquilaia leaves) is for you, as it is one of the plant-based food containing essential amino acid. You do not have to worry about pairing when consuming pea protein (incomplete) because of this tea will make it complete for you. You don't have to use this leave, of course. Chia seed or quinoa are good too (these two are complete protein plant-based food) 

Aquilaria leaves (Agarwood tea) assist with bowel movement.

 "Leaves of A. sinesis have the ability to improve intestinal movement
function (Li et al., 2013). Mangiferin and genkwanin-5-O-β-premeveroside
found in ethanol extracts of both A. Sinensis and A. crassna, promote contraction tension of the small intestine in mice, resulting in increased number and weight of stool beads (Kakino et al., 2010; Kakino and Hara, 2016)."

Don't worry; this works on the human too. Many of our customers reviewed our tea here or here

How does this help? It makes you feel better after a "relaxing" session without spending too much time.

Below is a summary of biological activities in the leaves of several Aquilaira species (Journal of Herbal Medicine 10 (2017) 37–44)  


Extract of Aquilaria crassna leaves widens blood vessels. This action is called Vasodilator and helps the blood to flow easier


Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine


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