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October 18, 2020 5 min read

The below story is from the recent Bristol Post 

Back-seat fart sparks fight between Uber driver and passenger

On 30th November 2019, a Uk Uber driver named Bonchev was driving three passengers to the show Chasers. Suddenly, one of the passengers broke wind (farted).


Finding it offensive, the driver asked all the passengers to leave.


Mallett, one of the passengers, who was intoxicated, picked a fight and punched Bonchev, the driver.


Bonchev fought back, knocked Mallet, the passenger, to the ground.


In the end, the “farter” (or should I called him “wind broker”) received a six-month jail term, suspended for 18 months. He was also fined for $650 and 120 hours of community service.


The “fart receiver”, Bonchev broke his finger during the fight. He could not drive, so he lost his Uber job, vehicle and house. Since the incident, he returned to Bulgaria, his home country


What a sad ending story? Could it be prevented?


I believe so




Smelling fart is annoying, but research showed that it some unbelievable benefit to blood pressure, heart, kidney, and brain


Have you experienced some smells that were worst than a fart?


I have.


And it was in a childcare nursery room.


Children are lovely. When they are little, parents clean them up, change their nappies. When they go to childcare, the educators look after them.

I have a lot of respect to all educators who are taking care of many children daily.

The job is very challenging, and I can’t thank them enough.


One day, I picked up my son late. When I entered the room, I felt a strong “ poop” smell which was 100 times worst than the fart. It came from the bin where all the dirty nappies were disposed. 


At that time, there were three educators in the room. Three of them were calm and composed. They looked happy, and they even smiled at the father of a child behind me and greeted me kindly.

To me, it seemed like the foul odour did not bother them. I wondered myself if the foul odour existed or it was my imagination. So  I breathed in and out, and I could confirm this smell was real

I even observed the father who picked his daughter up. He squeezed his nose several times. The poop smell was real, and it was intense.


I wondered if the educators smelled what smelled, but I felt it was not appropriate to ask.


Suddenly a boy from a different room came in. Without hesitation, he said “ Oh my God, smell like poop here, can’t you smell it Ms Hena?”

Ms Hena, a child educator, said: “No, I have been here for 3 hours. I can’t feel any smell”.


"No wonder she could not smell" I told myself, I had the answer. She and other educators could not smell it because 


The power of adaptation


This is an amazing ability of our body that you may not be aware of. And this ability keeps the plumber going insane.


You see, when the toilet is severely blocked, the sewer smell is quite offensive.

The plumber may spend several hours on the job. It means he is going to smell it for several hours. 

What might happen to a plumber when he kept smelling sewer smell? Would he go mad?

You would think so. 

But so far, I have not heard any plumbers go insane because of the sewerage smell




The reason: the human body can adapt, even our nose.

When the plumber work in a “sewer smell” environment, his brain will “ignore” this specific sewer smell. 


But he can still detect other smells. In other words, except the sewer smell, his ability to smell remained unaffected. 


I have heard a story. A plumber while replacing toilet pipes found some gas-like odour. Later on, he discovered a gas leak in the house. It was his brain ability to adapt the sewer smell, ignore it and look for different odour. And that is how he found the leak. It is a human survival mechanism


Why am I telling you this? Because I want to show you


How do you enjoy fermented agarwood oil? 

There is one type of Agarwood oil that is controversial. This type of Oud is offensive to certain people but pleasant to others.


It is the fermented Agarwood oil that


Most people love floral woody. But some of the fermented, barnyard style


Do you want to find out why some people love this barnyard Oud oil?


If you are open-minded,  I would like to show you one way to overcome this so-called offensive note.


Let time and your power of adaptation to do the magic


Let’s suppose your friend provide you with a barnyard Oud. And he insists this is a good oud.


If you want to say no to your friend, I don’t blame you. You have your own preference, and he needs to respect that.


However, if you do the following trick, you may enjoy it too.


  • First, you open the cap, drop a small drop of oil in a tissue or a small cotton pad. At this time, you will detect the barnyard notes because they are very volatile. 
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, your nose adapts gradually to it. In 20 minutes, the barnyard notes vaporise some. You will still feel it, but it is much less barnyard compared to the moment the bottle of Oud is open
  • After 20 minutes, likely, you do not feel the unpleasant sensation anymore. You start to detect many different odours from the Agarwood Oud oil.
  • After 30 minutes, most volatile molecules vaporise, the oil is drying down. Now pay attention to this note, because this will be likely, the true note that barnyard oud lovers love. One of them told me the barnyard note, in the beginning, creates a contrast effect in the overall experience. Without it, he does not feel satisfied
  • Stand up, walk around the room, move away from the oil for several minutes, then come back. You will have a good overview of this oil


Do you have different ways to enjoy barnyard oud? If you do, please share it with me.


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