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May 06, 2022 6 min read

Have you ever sensed the "heavy mood" in a room?

When you go to a restaurant or a bar with friends and family, you feel great because the atmosphere is excellent. The atmosphere has a positive effect on your mood.

If there is an argument in a room, it also affects your feelings. Next time, when you enter a meeting space during or after an argument, pay attention to your feeling. You may sense the "thick" air filled with grief, anger, and sadness lingering in the space.

Arguments can happen anywhere. It could be in a meeting room, retail store, bar, or even in our own home. The atmosphere is heavy, and some people call it "negative energy". This "negative energy" seems to linger and stay in the room, affecting the next people coming in.

Burning incense is one of the methods to neutralise this negative energy.


Burning incense to cleanse the atmosphere

Burning incense has a strong influence on the environment. When you burn incense, the fragrant smoke will help to clear the atmosphere of any negative energy. The smoke from the incense will help to raise the vibration in the room, making it a more positive space for everyone.

Burning incense in religious sites

People have burned incense to purify, neutralise, or positively alter the "air", where many people have gathered since ancient times. In many holy religious sites such as Buddhist and Hindu temples, Churches and Mosques, the Abbots, the Pandits, the Priests, and Imam often burn incense during lectures, discussions, praying and services.

Burning incense in places where grief and arguments took place

If you sense the negative energy in a room, it is advisable to burn some incense to cleanse the atmosphere; for example, where there has been a death, an argument, or a fight. The act of burning incense will help to dissipate the negative energy and make the place feel lighter.

I have witnessed a heated conversation between the store owner and a customer. It was an early morning at a local store in District 11 Ho Chi Minh City; a customer came and asked for a discount on a fabric roll. The owner agreed, and the customer was about to pay. Unfortunately, the customer forgot the wallet at home and told the store owner he would come back later. The store owner spoke quietly but loud enough for the customer to hear it "

How can someone go shopping without a wallet? What a time-waster !"

The customer heard that, and they exchanged words. Fortunately, they did not exchange fists at that time. Some people believe if the first customer brings trouble to the store, the rest of the day will be doomed.

Once the customer left, the store owner burnt three incense sticks and prayed: "God Of Wealth, please bring me some luck, please bless my store and my business today!". Then he respectfully poured a cup of tea and placed it in front of the altar.

People also burn incense in the morgue or funeral home before taking the body to cremation or burial to purify the space and guide the deceased's soul to the afterlife.

Burn incense to bring fortune and blessing to your important place.

Ever been to Yum Cha? In some places, you will notice the smell of incense. Store owners and managers usually perform a ritual before opening doors for business. They burn incense to attract customers. The act of burning incense is a very important part of Feng Shui (I will not go over this topic in this article).

Some people believe that when you burn incense in your business premises or shops, it will help to bring in more customers and sales. It is also believed to bring good luck, fortune, and blessing to the business owners, or even house owners.

Below is the list of herbs that are used in incense making

There are many different herbs that can be used in incense making, each with its own unique benefits. Some of the most popular herbs include:

* Basil: Used for protection, purification, and prosperity

* Cedar: Used for cleansing, healing, and protection

* Cinnamon: Used for success, love, and prosperity

* Dragon's Blood: Used for protection, strength, and courage

* Frankincense: Used for purification, spirituality, and mental clarity

* Myrrh: Used for healing, protection, and purification

* Peppermint: Used for healing, love, and prosperity

* Rosemary: Used for cleansing, protection, and purification

* Sage: Used for cleansing, healing, and protection

* Sandalwood: Used for purification, spirituality, and mental clarity.

*Agarwood: Used for attracting fortune in the business grand opening, and blessing for homes and offices.

The benefits of using incense made with these herbs depend on the intention of the person burning the incense. For example, if someone is looking to cleanse their home or office, they would use an incense made with sage or rosemary. If someone is looking for protection, they might use incense made with dragon blood.


How to cleanse your room with incense

Keep windows shut to purify the air in a room or space.

Walkthrough the area or from room to room, fanning the rising smoke all around: Then leave the room and shut the door. If this is done at night, leave the incense burner in place and let it sit for three hours. Let the fragrance sink in and fill the air.

After three hours, you can open the window and let the fresh air in.

Ensure that the area is ventilated after that.

This cleansing method will help you get rid of all the negative air around you. In addition, this will give you a "peace of mind" mentality when moving into a new house. You may also feel a sense of warm welcome and cosiness.

Cleanse your places with Agarwood

Agarwood is one of the popular choices to bless your home.

Agarwood is available in three different forms: woodchips, incense and oil. And you can use any of them to cleanse your places.

If you have a lighter, use Agarwood incense.

In many large sites with multi storeys and rooms, I would recommend our Feng Shui Incense.

Reason: this incense will continue to burn for 3 hours, long enough to perform you smudging rituals.

It has 42 different herbs formulated by a Feng Shui master. It means your office or your house will be full of life, full of blessing after burning this incense.

If you have an electric burner or charcoal, use Agarwood chips.

If you have an ultrasonic diffuser, use Agarwood oil.

One of the clients had just moved into his new home and was eager to make it feel like his own. He had heard about the power of smudging and decided to give it a try. He burned Agarwood chips on the Aroma can and walked in every room of his house, wafting the smoke into all corners. As he did so, he felt a sense of peace and calm come over him. He knew that he was cleansing his home of negative energy and bringing in positive energy.

He also used Agarwood incense to worship the deities that he believed were watching over his family. He felt a deep connection to his new home through this ritual and knew that his family was blessed. The power of the incense was palpable and he prayed that it would bring good fortune to his home.

In his bedroom, he dropped a few Agarwood oils in an ultrasonic diffuser. After 30 minutes, he felt relaxed and slept soundly.


The benefits of using agarwood for cleansing and protection are many. Agarwood is known to purify the air, protect against negative energy, and bring good fortune. It is also used for worshipping deities and promoting relaxation. Agarwood is a powerful tool that can help you create a positive environment in your home or office.

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