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September 05, 2020 2 min read

12 years and 168 hours make this Oud oil available to you.

You heard of Oud or Agarwood.

And maybe, you have tried perfume that has Oud in it.
But have you wondered what genuine Oud smell like?

You see, when you try a perfume, you are experiencing a harmony of different scent from different ingredients. Isn’t it a challenge to feel exactly what Oud is like?

People said Oud (Agarwood) is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients. And there are many different types of Agarwood on the market. Some are genuine, some are fake. So even you want to try, you are not sure where to start.
Don’t worry because the one you are about to try is distilled directly from an Agarwood grower.

The oil is made from a 12 years old tree with an addition of two years to form Agarwood. Once we have enough Agarwood, it takes 168 hours to distil, process, and cure to have the final golden product known as “Wood Of God”.

When I first try it, this woody Oud makes me felt alert and excited. I want to make sure it is not my imagination playing tricks on me. So I put a small dab on a cotton pad and leave it on my desk

By doing that, I can evaluate it carefully without bias.

The Oud aroma from the cotton pad emits constantly 24/7 for many days, even weeks.

One day my friend visited me, he asked what room fragrance I use because it was pleasant to him. When  I reached for the tiny cotton pad that I dropped this agarwood oil (oud) on,  he could not believe it.

It was incredible because for such a small amount, around 0.1ml, could cover a large area,  15 square meters (can fit around 40 washing machine ).

He went home that day and told his friends about it.

The next days he and his friends decided to get 20ml of this oil and they share.

Now you may wonder" Does this oil really smell that good?"

Our team distil this oil from sustainable agarwood wood chips. This material is created from "Hot Iron" technique which is extremely laborious but the reward is well worth it.  Perfumers that we worked with found that oud oils distilled from this method last longer, smell woodier blended well with other ingredients. We have taken no shortcuts to distil this oil.

If you an oud lover, I urge you to try this oil to treat your nose. You treat your mouth well by eating delicious food, you treat your eyes by visiting beautiful natural scenery.  Isn't it time to give your nose a special treatment by smelling this oil? Your brain will thank you for sniffing this agarwood oil.

Once you experience this woody aroma, you are going to share it with your friend because it was selfish if you keep it to yourself

Imagine the reactions of your friends after trying this Oud oil.

Imagine how grateful they feel when they experience this unique scent just like you.

Enough imagine? Would you like to try some?

Here you go


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