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July 24, 2021 4 min read

“Incense charcoal is good, but it takes too long” - Jay said

Jay loves Frankincense, Palo Santo, sandalwood and agarwood. He has been burning them for many years on charcoal.

Recently he gets married, and after having two children, he has stopped burning fragrant woods and resins on charcoal. The main reason is safety. He shares with me that his children are active. They love running around. In addition, they are curious, and they love to touch everything that they can get their hands on. Safety is a priority, so he stops using charcoal.

Jay has an Arabian background. Before praying, his father used “smoke” or “scent” his clothes with incense smoke. First, he lit up a charcoal brisque and placed it in an incense burner. Next, he put a fragrant wood on the charcoal brisque. When the smoke aroma from the heated fragrant wood rises, he moves the burner around his body so the scent would cast on his clothes. Jay’s father has been burning Frankincense from Oman, sandalwood from Australia, and Agarwood from Vietnam for a long time. Jay grows up with it, and he loves these woody aromas. Jay has not been enjoying them since he has children. He missed these aromas very much.

He does not want to use charcoal. What options does he have?

I asked if he had tried an electric incense burner which is a great alternative. It is simple to use, and there is no charcoal involvement. The electric incense burner is a great tool to use. It saves Jay’s time, but the risk is still present.

When Jay switches on the incense burner, the whole unit is heated. The temperature rises to 400 degrees Celcius. Touching this electric incense burner will be similar to touching a pot on a hot stove. So he cannot move this burner around to “scent” his clothes

Even he switched off the incense burner after using it. It takes 5 minutes to cool down. It means during these 5 minutes. He has to “guard” the burner from the children. 

So Jay comes up with a wishlist.

Ideally, he wants an electric incense burner, so he does not need to use charcoal. This burner must be portable and safe to handle. It must also be safe to use around children. Even better, a quick rise in temperature for instant aroma would be great. The scent from fragrant wood would be highly convenient when creating a “praying environment”.

A year ago, this was still a wish list. But this year, thanks to science and technology, this wish becomes a reality.

Introduce the Aroma Can

It looks like a can of soft drink or tumbler mug. When you turn the unit on, only the heating core is hot. The burner itself is cool to touch. You can hold it in your hand and move it around freely. No cable, no mess.

While holding the can, you can press the button to turn the unit on. It will heat your incense in 120 seconds before automatically turn off. You will get 120 seconds of happiness.

Worry about the children or your safety? This Aroma Can has a safety metal cap that you can lock.

Simply plug in a computer via a Type C USB cable after 7 to 10 times of use. 

What kind of fragrant wood can this incense burner heat?

Heat any natural fragrant wood.


Traditionally, people place frankincense resin on hot charcoal or hot stone. The heat will melt frankincense resin, creating a smouldering effect.

This Aroma Can can release frankincense aroma quickly. With the help of a mica plate, you will experience the frankincense aroma with minimum burnt notes.

If you don't use mica plate, the resin will melt and stick to the heating core. It means you will smell frankincense every time when you turn on this burner until the resin is removed.


You may have experienced sandalwood oil, but not sandalwood itself. The old-school way is to enjoy sandalwood by heating it on charcoal briquettes, but it takes some time. With little effort, the aroma can can give you instant creamy notes from sandalwood.

Just place a piece of the wood chip on a mica plate, then you will have three minutes of woody aroma.

After heating it for 5 times, the creamy note is weakened. You can remove the mica plate and let the sandalwood heated directly on the heating core. This action will juice out all the aroma molecules left of this woodchip.


You can enjoy agarwood chip aroma with the Aroma Can fast. 

If you are travelling, you will even appreciate this burner more. It is portable, rechargeable. 

Once you learnt how the natural agarwood aroma smell, you can bring this burner for shopping.

If you have a chance to try different agarwood chips from different regions, this burner will quickly give you the experience you need on the spot.  

What can you do with leftover unburnt Incense stick?

Can you heat the incense stick?

If you have been using incense holders, you would usually have some short incense sticks left unburned. Usually, these unburn sticks are around 1 to 3 cm long.

A box of incense contains 70 sticks. There would be a lot of incense sticks.

You can't burn them because they are too short. So for a moment, you thought these sticks are wastes. 

Don’t worry; you can still enjoy them. Just place them on a mica plate and press the button; you will find that heating incense stick works wonders too. Enjoy a new experience on your incense stick. 

Incense Powder or Ground Wood:

Unfortunately, the temperature of the aroma can is too high for ground wood powder. The heat is simply too high, making this burner unsuitable for any ground wood powder.

If you have incense powder, a more gentle burner is suitable. With our Wood Of God Powder or Kygarwood, the Kodutu burner is a better choice.

This burner has a lower temperature compared to the Aroma Can. Perfect for incense powder.

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