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Fortune- Prosperity-Longevity, natural Agarwood display Evergreen forest

July 13, 2015 2 min read


We would like to introduce you the display first, with a story as below


From left to right: Longevity Fortune, Prosperity, (壽祿福)


According to  Chinese Legend, worshipping one particular "team" God including three Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity (福祿壽) would bring you luck and good life.

From left to right: God of Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity

Most of households in Vietnam, China in general, people will worship this  "set" of God, as it is believed in Feng Shui, bring good fortune, happiness and longevity. The material made are varies: some from stone, others from special wood.

God of Fortune: attract luck and blessing. Legend said, he was a high ranking officer with integrity, with many children and grandchildren. He also represents high fertility

God of Prosperity: he was a wealthy officer, representing wealth. He had a good life without financial issues, basically, money is not a problem

God of Longevity: he represents of health. Live longer

You probably surprised by looking at our statue, as it does not look anything like the image of these 3 Gods above. Why?

Our statue are crafted by highly resinous agarwood, it was based on the Chinese pronunciation of the Gods. The pictures below also represents 3 Gods but you only see 1? Why?



Have you seen the deer in the picture above: or 鹿 (deer), 祿(Prosperity), same pronunciation, this is for our middle statue, like a deer, represent for God of Fortune


The bats surrounding the elder represents Happiness, God of Fortune originates from those 2 homonyms

Fú: 福( Happiness, Fortune) 蝠 (bat)


And finally, the last piece of art

壽 Shòu (longevity)

 Please notice the top of the statue and use your imagination, it looks like the head of the Elder God.

All 3 statues are made from Natural Wild Agarwood from Vietnam. If you display this set in your lounge room, surely that would be a start of your conversation from your guest.  

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